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Unveiling Endurance Triumphs: Wes Plate’s Journey Through Ultra Running

Unveiling Endurance Triumphs Wes Plate Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat

Welcome to the latest episode of Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat, where we uncover stories that inspire and insights that resonate. In this edition, founder Jason Bahamundi chats with Wes Plate, an ultra runner and content creator. Together, they chat about Wes’ remarkable journey through endurance sports, weight loss, battling addiction, and the power of sharing experiences on YouTube. By unveiling his endurance triumphs, Wes provides inspiration to those thinking about getting started.

Wes Plate’s Inspirational Odyssey:

Wes Plate’s story is one of resilience and determination. From his beginning in endurance sports to emerging as a seasoned ultra runner, Wes candidly shares his personal trials and triumphs. He infuses humor and candor into his storytelling during the conversation. Join Jason and Wes as they explore the pivotal role Garmin played in Wes’ journey in running.

Conquering the Cocodona 250:

Their conversation turns to their shared experience at the Aravaipa Cocodona 250. Wes discusses the allure of racing 200 milers and the adrenaline-fueled challenges they entail. Through Wes’ vivid recounting, you will be transported into the action. Get a feel for Β the highs, lows, and triumphant moments of racing 200+ miles.


Empowering Others Through YouTube:

Beyond conquering ultra distances, Wes extends his adventures beyond the trails. He brings audiences with him through compelling YouTube content. It is an invitation to embark on his journey alongside him. Uncover the significance of why he shares his experiences. Wes brings inspiration to others to push their limits and chase their dreams through his videos.

A Light-Hearted Finale:

As the conversation draws to a close, Jason and Wes inject a dose of humor into the discussion. The rapid-fire segment, offers insights into their food preferences and adds a touch of humor to the proceedings. Through laughter, they underscore the bond that unites endurance athletes and forging connections that endure.


Join us in unveiling endurance triumphs through athletes like Wes Plate, who serves as an example of inspiration for all. Prepare to be entertained as in this enjoyable conversation that showcases the essence of the endurance community.

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