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About RunTriMag: Premier Endurance Sports Publication

At Run • Tri • Bike, we’re passionate about endurance sports and the incredible individuals who participate in them. We believe that anyone, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or physical abilities, can find a place at the starting line. Through inspiring stories of athletes from diverse backgrounds, we aim to break down barriers and prove that endurance sports are for everybody and every body.

We’re here to guide and support you on your own endurance sports journey. Our goal is simple: to help you embrace the fun, excitement, and personal growth that these sports offer. Through captivating stories, insightful tips, and engaging content, we aim to demystify endurance sports and show you that they’re not just for elite athletes.

The athletes featured on our website have faced obstacles that could have prevented them from moving forward but instead kept showing up. Some of them are recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. Others are mothers coming back from pregnancy and still others are just getting started.

What you will find are athletes, like us, who are ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

Our Club Spotlight will bring you clubs and teams from across the country that welcome you with open arms. Your Best Running Buddy, features those four legged friends that make running more enjoyable.

Please enjoy the tips and stories on our website, in our digital magazine, our social media platforms and our podcast. We are here to help you enjoy the sports we love, but we also have one request. Invite a friend to join you on your next swim, bike or run. Our sports are better when enjoyed with others.

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