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Unveiling Mental Strength: Evan Birch’s Ultra Running Journey

Unveiling Mental Strength: Evan Birch's Ultra Running Journey Fireside Chat Run Tri Bike

Welcome to Run Tri Bike’s latest Fireside Chat! Join us in an inspiring Fireside Chat between Run Tri Bike Founder Jason Bahamundi and ultra-runner, former first responder, and mental health advocate, Evan Birch. Delve into Evan’s remarkable journey and the unveiling of mental strength to help get through life and running.

Exploring Mental Health and Endurance:

Discover how Evan’s experiences as a first responder prompted him to seek therapy for mental health struggles. Together with Jason, they emphasize the importance of open dialogue and destigmatization surrounding mental health issues. Learn how therapy has not only helped Evan personally but also contributed to his success as an endurance athlete, particularly in grueling 200-mile races.

Unveiling the Speed Project:

Prepare to be captivated as Evan shares insights into his extraordinary 300-mile Speed Project event. Gain a firsthand understanding of the challenges within this remarkable journey, spanning from the iconic Santa Monica pier to the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas strip. Evan discusses the fund-raising side to this project and how Bigger Than The Trail will benefit from his run and fundraising.


Rapid-Fire Insights:

Experience a lighter moment as Jason and Evan engage in rapid-fire questions, exploring Evan’s food preferences and adding a touch of humor to the conversation. From raisins in cookies to the eternal debate of edge versus center brownie slices, dive into Evan’s culinary choices.

Reflecting on Mental Health and Inspiration:

Through this engaging discussion, viewers are invited to reflect on the importance of mental health awareness and the transformative power of seeking help. Whether you’re an aspiring endurance athlete or simply seeking inspiration, this conversation is sure to ignite your passion and motivation.

Don’t miss out on this insightful Fireside Chat! Hit play and embark on a journey of resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication with Jason Bahamundi and Evan Birch. Join us as we unveil the extraordinary strength of the human spirit.