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The Evolution of Run Tri Bike: What Lies Ahead In 2024

The Evolution of Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat

Welcome to the Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat, the destination where endurance athletes find not just inspiration, but a supportive community to share their journey towards greatness. In this discussion, founder Jason Bahamundi and Co-Owner Aum Gandhi take you on a journey into the heart of Run Tri Bike, reflecting on its remarkable evolution over the past year. From its humble beginnings to becoming a thriving platform, they delve into the power of vulnerability and the incredible stories shared within this vibrant community.

Building a Community: The Inception of the Run Tri Bike Private Facebook Group

As endurance athletes themselves, they understand the trials and triumphs that come with pursuing dreams. That’s why Run Tri Bike has become a space for hope for athletes worldwide. The stories they share offer motivation as well as solace through the power of shared experiences. They invite you to join them on this journey of growth and empowerment.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Run Tri Bike is the inception of our private Facebook group. Listen to them discuss how this new component of their community will become a place for athletes to connect, support, and uplift one another in their pursuit of greatness.

Supporting Diversity and Inclusivity

In their candid conversation, they confront the challenges faced as the business grows in 2024. Jason and Aum emphasize the importance of resilience and adaptability in overcoming adversity through this journey. Through these challenges, they remain steadfast in their commitment to all athletes regardless of where they are in their journey.


Amplifying Voices: Celebrating the Unique Stories of Endurance Athletes

At Run Tri Bike, inclusivity and acceptance are at the core of everything they do. They celebrate the diversity within the endurance sports community, recognizing that every individual has a unique story worth sharing. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or just embarking on your journey, their platform is a space for you to amplify your voice. Telling your story will be an opportunity to inspire others.

As they navigate through the highs and lows of their business and training, they’ve embraced a new motto. This new motto encapsulates who they are: “You Keep Grinding, I’m Gonna Nap.” It’s a reminder to prioritize rest and recovery in the pursuit of your dreams.

Join the Movement: Tell Your Story with Run Tri Bike

Join the community and let your story unfold with Run Tri Bike. Together, you can conquer obstacles, celebrate victories, and inspire the world with our unwavering passion for endurance sports.