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Whether you are just getting started in your endurance sports journey or you are a number of years down the path, you are looking to measure your training through a race. You may be training for a 5k, sprint triathlon or a gravel cycling event but which one?

At Run • Tri • Bike we provide you with tips about these sports as well as nutrition and sports psychology insight so you have what you need as you prepare for your race. But, you may ask yourself what race and we have the answer. We have an events page full of races and we also provide you with races based on state.

Find the state you are interested in racing in. Click the image and you’ll have access to races in that state that you can research and register for.

The states are listed in alphabetical order and have 5 states per row so you don’t have to search for long to find what you are looking for.

Have a race that should be included in our events, please email us at info@runtrimag.com.