Angela and Jason had an idea for Run • Tri • Bike in January 2021. They produced their first issue in March 2021 and were fortunate to be interviewed by Hilary Topper of A Triathlete’s Diary shortly after that first issue was produced and the second issue, featuring Melissa Stockwell, was being assembled.

The Tri Beginner’s Luck Podcast with Jason Bahamundi features stories of how he got started in triathlon and how he started the Run Tri Bike business. He also answers Michanda’s question about what he believes is important for people just starting out in the sport of triathlon. This is an episode you don’t want to miss. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Listen to Jason in this deep and inspiring episode. Jason shares with us why he runs 100 mile races and what goes through his mind. He also gives great advice on finding that why and making sure it is what you want. Listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcast to learn more about Jason! 

Aum Gandhi struggled to run a quarter of a mile when he started running. Less than 5 years later, he goes well beyond 100 miles when racing. Listen to the full episode on Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Founder of Run Tri Bike, Jason Bahamundi, brings us a burst of energy and motivation on this first episode of 2023! Listen to his reason for starting the business on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

In this podcast Aum shares details of how he got to where he is now, he shares his “fat to fit” story and also shares how running has helped him with mental health. Listen on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Trail To 100 Podcast
We Are Superman Podcast

Aum shares his personal struggles and the techniques he used to push through mental and physical barriers. Listen in as Aum motivates and encourages you to overcome your own obstacles and reach your full potential

In this episode of the Trail To 100 podcast, Jason shares his philosophy about Failure is not terminal, it’s the building block to success as well as his thought process during his DNFs.

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Jason chats about moving west to Arizona, getting sober, changing over to eating vegetarian, starting a new business, and diving into the endurance world.

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The Trail Life Podcast featuring Run Tri Bike Jason Bahamundi and Aum Gandhi
The Personalized Running Doc Podcast featuring Jason Bahamundi
Vroom Vroom Veer Podcast with Jeff Smith

On the Trail Life Podcast, we talk about how our digital magazine began, and how the Fireside Chats platform has given endurance athletes of all levels a voice in the community. 

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On Episode 19 of The Personalized Running Doc podcast, Jason Bahamundi chats with Dr Lauren LaPierre about his experiences, insights, and passion for making endurance sports more accessible.

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In this episode of Vroom Vroom Veer with Jeff Smith, Jason discusses Run Tri Bike and how he got to the idea of starting the business. You’ll also learn why he chose marketing as his major and much more.

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KDTime Podcast Episode 88 with Jason Bahamundi
Another Top Ten Podcast. Episode 21 Candy With Jason Bahamundi
Running Tales Podcast Featuring Jason Bahamundi Founder of Run Tri Bike

What’s your favorite thing to talk about? Is it a certain sport, a favorite meal, or where you’ve traveled? That’s exactly what we talk about on this episode of KDTime. Jason discusses women’s basketball and more.

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This week Kyle sits down with Jason Bahamundi of Run Tri Bike to discuss our favorite candies! Join us on a trip down nostalgia lane as we remember a lot of candies we haven’t thought about in years!

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Running Tales talked to Jason about championing women in running, sleeping during ultra races, and how running has helped him with his business

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