Pro Triathletes Angela Naeth joins Endurance Sports Investment Group As Partner

Endurance Sports Investment Group and Let’s Race App Announce Partnership

Aum Gandhi joins Endurance Sports Investment Group As Partner

Run Tri Bike sponsors the Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club Youth Team for 2023.

Run Tri Bike In The Media

Angela and Jason had an idea for Run • Tri • Bike in January 2021. They produced their first issue in March 2021 and were fortunate to be interviewed by Hilary Topper of A Triathlete’s Diary shortly after that first issue was produced and the second issue, featuring Melissa Stockwell, was being assembled.

In this episode we learn more about Jason himself as an athlete, what he did professionally before he started this magazine project. He shares where the idea for Run-Tri-Bike came from. We talk about what makes it unique and special.

The Tri Beginner’s Luck Podcast with Jason Bahamundi features stories of how he got started in triathlon and how he started the Run Tri Bike business. He also answers Michanda’s question about what he believes is important for people just starting out in the sport of triathlon. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.