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Unlocking Success: Lessons from Susanne Mueller

Unlocking Success: Lessons from Susanne Mueller Fireside Chat Run Tri Bike

Welcome to the 107th Fireside Chat by Run Tri Bike! This episode features an extraordinary guest who will leave you feeling motivated and ready to conquer your next challenge. Join us as we sit down with the remarkable Susanne Muellerโ€”a marathoner, mountaineer, coach, TEDx speaker, and podcaster. In this insightful discussion, Susanne shares her journey from skiing in Switzerland to becoming an accomplished endurance athlete and business coach. This conversation is sure to help you with unlocking success in your athletic and business pursuits.

From the Swiss Alps to Marathon Tracks

Susanne’s journey began in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, where she grew up skiing. She shares her experiences skiing in Europe and contrasts them with the skiing available in the Northeast of the United States. Moving to New York City marked a turning point in her life, transitioning from skiing to running. This transition led Susanne to discover her passion for running, completing 26 marathons and even venturing into triathlons. Her dedication culminated in a triumphant finish at Ironman Lake Placid in 2015.

The Intersection of Endurance Sports and Entrepreneurship

As a business coach, Susanne brings a unique perspective on the intersection of entrepreneurship and endurance sports. She discusses the mindset required to excel in both domains, introducing the concept of the “2% mindset.” This mindset emphasizes that the extra effort and resilience needed to push through challenges are what distinguish successful entrepreneurs and endurance athletes. Her insights on mental strength and perseverance are invaluable for anyone aiming at unlocking success in any field.

The Power of Goal Setting

Throughout the chat, we explore the importance of being goal-oriented rather than solely results-focused. Susanne, along with hosts Aum and Jason, discusses how setting meaningful goals fosters a sense of purpose and connection among athletes. This approach not only enhances individual performance but also creates a supportive community where athletes can thrive together. Goal setting, according to Susanne, is a critical component in maintaining motivation and achieving long-term success.


Building a Supportive Network

One of the highlights of this episode is the deep dive into the significance of support networks. Susanne shares her thoughts on how having a robust support system is crucial for unlocking success, both in business and in endurance sports. Whether it’s family, friends, or fellow athletes, surrounding yourself with supportive people can make all the difference in overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. The camaraderie and encouragement from a strong network can provide the motivation needed during challenging times.

Practical Advice for Athletes and Entrepreneurs

In addition to her professional and athletic achievements, Susanne offers practical advice on various topics. From managing opportunity costs to leveraging your network effectively, her tips are geared towards helping both athletes and entrepreneurs succeed. Susanne’s experience and wisdom provide a valuable roadmap for those looking to balance multiple pursuits and excel in their endeavors.

A Light-Hearted Finish: The Brownie Debate

For a fun twist, we wrap up the Fireside Chat with a light-hearted discussion on food choices. Discover Susanne’s preference when it comes to the best part of the brownie trayโ€”does she go for the edge or the center? This playful conversation adds a personal touch, reminding us that even the most accomplished individuals enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

This episode is packed with inspiration, practical tips, and heartfelt conversations. The chat between the trio will resonate with endurance athletes and anyone striving for personal and professional excellence. Susanne Mueller’s incredible journey and insights offer a wealth of knowledge for those looking to unlocking success and achieving their dreams. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert who embodies the spirit of perseverance and success.