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Balancing Business and Life: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Jon Thornham Of Flo Cycling

Balancing Business and Life Jon Thornham Flo Cycling Run Tri Bike

Entrepreneurship and endurance sports may seem as separate domains, each requiring unique skill sets and mindsets. However, for individuals like Jon Thornham, founder of Flo Cycling, these worlds complement each other in multiple ways. Balancing business and life isn’t always easy but when accomplished the achievements can be remarkable.

Finding the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jon Thornham’s journey into entrepreneurship wasn’t guided by familial influence or formal training. Instead, it was his inherent nature to approach challenges differently and pursue his ideas with determination. As he reflects on his early inclinations, Jon notes, “I just kind of had my own ideas and I wanted to run with that. So, yeah, I think it’s just kind of more inherently in who I am and how I’m naturally versus seeing it modeled.”

His first foray into entrepreneurship took place in high school. He was tasked with identifying the physics involved in a sport. As a fly fisherman, his mind went to the natural connection between fly fishing and physics. Without much information on the topic he was told to either pick another sport or figure it out on his own. He chose the latter and wound up winning 3rd place in engineering at the Canadian National Science fair. The entrepreneur in Jon was born.

From Passion to Business: The Birth of Flo Cycling

Jon’s inquisitive background coupled with his brother’s participation in triathlon, laid the foundation for Flo Cycling. While working at a job that required him to verify specs, Jon asked ‘what is spec?’ This was a clue that he needed to go out on his own. He suffered through a few failed businesses until that fateful day when his brother came home with a pair of deep aerodynamic wheels.

Jon’s brother asked Jon to guess the price of the wheels he was holding. Jon guessed and was off by 4x. While astounded by the cost, he also made the determination that they could build a company that could sell aero wheels for less. Lightning struck and the company was born.

Navigating Obstacles and Innovating Solutions

The early stages of building Flo Cycling were not without challenges. Jon emphasizes the importance of finding the right people and maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. He shares, “I’ve always been somebody who is heads down and makes it work. I think in some capacity that probably had me working more for the business as opposed to on the business.” Learning from past failures, Jon advises aspiring entrepreneurs to seek external perspectives early on and adopt a structured approach to time management and focused learning.

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Collaborative Communities and Business Success

Jon recognizes the collaborative nature of both the endurance sports and entrepreneurship communities. Through interactions with peers and sharing knowledge, he acknowledges the impact of collective wisdom on business success. The Flo Cycling business model is direct to consumer, which is different from other wheel manufacturers and that difference helps Jon and the company focus on their product.

The Role of Endurance Sports in Entrepreneurship

While Jon’s primary focus is on building a successful business, his involvement in endurance sports has also contributed significantly. Running, in particular, has become a vital part of his routine, offering mental clarity and balance. Jon emphasizes, “Movement in general is just not only good for physical health it is also good for mental health. You can have stress with work or you can have stuff going on. You go for a good run and your problem gets solved, it’s amazing.”

Jon discusses how running helps him balance business and life with his family. “I think that really gets me into a place where I can focus and I can be in a good space to work. And I think that’s probably what is a big driver for how I’m able to get things done and produce” Jon says about balancing work, health and family.

Advice for Emerging Entrepreneurs

For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, Jon advocates for a structured approach and gradual transition. He emphasizes the importance of having a viable source of income while nurturing a business idea. Jon’s philosophy of ‘a to b’ businesses encourages entrepreneurs to build a strong foundation before taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

Jon Thornham’s story exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between endurance sports and entrepreneurship. Through dedication, resilience, and a balanced approach, Jon has not only built a successful business but also has been able to balance business and life. Jon has cultivated a fulfilling personal life intertwined with his passion for business.

For those curious about Jon’s insights or seeking mentorship, his website provides a direct line for engagement. This openness shows his commitment to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in their journeys.


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