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Endurance Sports and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Jonathan Levitt

Endurance Sports and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Jonathan Levitt Run Tri Bike Magazine

Business and endurance sports intersect and we have a front row seat on a daily basis. LeBron James has had an impact on business from the movie industry to education. Patrick Mahomes is becoming a part owner in other franchises as his business and sports world collide. We also get to see it in the world of Endurance Sports. Run Tri Bike is just one example, but we also see Jonathan Levitt with his For The Long Run podcast proving that endurance sports and entrepreneurship are intertwined.

It is in this world that a fascinating conversation can unfold. During our chat, Jon shed light on the valuable lessons he learned from the pursuit of both personal and professional excellence. The parallels between running and business became strikingly evident as the conversation unfolded. Jon is not only the host of the For The Long Run podcast but he is also a sales rep at InsideTracker where his entrepreneurship comes into play. He shared insights into how his passion for running has not only enhanced his athletic endeavors but has also proven to be a powerful ally in the dynamic world of sales.

Continuous Effort and Incremental Progress

Jon’s journey reflects a fundamental principle – success is often the result of consistent effort and incremental progress. Drawing an analogy between marathon training and achieving sales goals, he emphasizes the importance of putting in the work day in and day out. “You don’t eat an elephant in one bite or train for a marathon in one run,” he aptly puts it. This mindset of breaking down monumental tasks into manageable steps is a cornerstone for both endurance athletes and entrepreneurs.

The significance of showing up daily, taking numerous swings to secure opportunities, and trusting the process resonates both in the world of running and business. Jonathan reflects on the roller coaster of progress, acknowledging that some weeks and months may be slower, while others prove stronger. Showing up with consistent effort, checking the box daily, and the belief that over the long run, improvement is inevitable.

Dealing with Failure and Embracing Growth

A key aspect of his approach is his resilience in the face of failure. “You just get comfortable with it,” he remarks, drawing parallels between the high failure rates in sales and the unpredictable nature of running outcomes. This acceptance of failure is not a deterrent but a stepping stone towards improvement. Embracing failure as a part of the journey, both in business and running, enables a mindset of continuous growth.

Jonathan discusses parallels between baseball, B2B sales, and running. He mentions the inevitability of failure and the need to set higher goals, fostering a mindset of continuous improvement. As an example, he mentions that if you fail 7 out of 10 times in baseball you will be considered one of the best and headed to the Hall of Fame. That mindset translates to sales and running proving that endurance sports and entrepreneurship share a lot of commonalities.

Balancing Ambition with Realism

As the conversation continued, Jon mentions his mindset of pursuing ambitious goals while recognizing the need for strategic planning and adherence to a process. “You don’t know how you’re going to get to the finish line on the day of, but you know that if you control the controllables, you’ll put yourself in the best position possible,” he notes. This perspective underscores the importance of setting high aspirations while remaining grounded in the day-to-day efforts required for success.


Collaboration vs. Competition

In both business and endurance sport there is competition but there can also be a benefit in collaboration. Jon touched on the aspect of collaboration versus competition. He stressed the significance of building a robust network, acknowledging the support systems that play a pivotal role in his personal and professional growth. Jon recognizes the value of surrounding oneself with high performers, be it in the workplace or the running community, emphasizing the collective power of collaboration.

The Role of Support and High-Performing Networks

Jonathan Levitt attributes a significant part of his success to the supportive environment at InsideTracker and the unwavering encouragement from his girlfriend, Kate. “It takes a village,” he emphasizes, highlighting the often-overlooked role of those who contribute behind the scenes. His acknowledgment of the positive influence of a high-performing network aligns with the theme of community building, a crucial aspect of both entrepreneurship and endurance sports.

Surrounding oneself with high performers, according to Jonathan, is essential for growth and shaping one’s thinking. The collaborative spirit and the exchange of ideas contribute significantly to success in both endurance sports and the entrepreneurial world.

Celebrating Success and the Long-Term View

The conversation concluded with insights into how Jon celebrates success, both in running and business. From enjoying a well-deserved sushi meal after a breakthrough race to recognizing the contributions of his team by distributing bonuses, Levitt’s approach reflects a balance between personal gratification and collective acknowledgment.

The endurance of an athlete mirrors the resilience of an entrepreneur, Jonathan Levitt’s journey serves as an example of both. The connection between running and entrepreneurship is not just about physical endurance. It is about the mental strength, strategic planning, and collaborative spirit that propel individuals towards their goals. Jon’s story unveils the overlapping dance between endurance sports and entrepreneurship. Each step forward is an opportunity to improve through both determination and ambition.

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