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Entrepreneurship and Endurance Sports: Collin Robinson’s Journey from Code to Ironman

Entrepreneurship and Endurance Sports: Collin Robinson's Journey from Code to Ironman Run Tri Bike

Entrepreneurship and endurance sports may not seem like the perfect pair but for Collin Robinson they go together like PB&J. Collin’s story is evidence of the relationship between these two seemingly unrelated worlds. As an accomplished front-end engineer, entrepreneur, and Ironman athlete, Collin understands the journey in business and endurance sports are similar. The two worlds bring challenges, failures and success that can be used to help the other.

The Genesis: Balancing Work and Passion

Collin’s professional journey started as a freelance web developer and software engineer, navigating the competitive world of technology. The link between his entrepreneurial endeavors and the world of endurance sports is evident. During our interview, he discussed his preference for smaller, more agile projects. These types of projects provide him the opportunity to train and race for events that are on his bucket list.

Networking and Endurance: A Parallel Universe

In entrepreneurship and endurance sports, the power of networking cannot be overstated. During our conversation, Collin mentioned how relationships developed in local training groups and professional connections fuel his entrepreneurial ventures. The connected nature of these networks has often led to opportunities, creating a support system crucial for success in both fields.

Chronology of Passions: Work Before Endurance

For Collin, the journey began with work. CJ Graphics, his brainchild from over two decades ago, laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. It was only later, in his early thirties, that endurance sports entered the picture. The idea that he could step away from his desk midday for a run marked the beginning of his transformation. He went from a soccer coach struggling to keep up with kids to a dedicated endurance athlete.

Endurance Sports and Entrepreneurship: A Symbiotic Relationship

Collin’s entry into endurance sports was not just a personal choice; it was a strategic decision influenced by his entrepreneurial lifestyle. The flexibility of training schedules provided him the freedom he needed. Mental and physical challenges of triathlon and running offered valuable insights that he could apply to his business pursuits. The ability to learn from one and apply it to the other created an opportunity for success.

Triathlon Transition: From Running to a Full Spectrum

The leap from running to triathlon was set when a coach suggested he try cycling. Collin’s reluctance transformed into enthusiasm, realizing that being proficient in multiple disciplines mirrored the demands of entrepreneurship. Triathlon became a metaphor for his work: to succeed, one must be adept at various facets without necessarily being the best in each. He realized he had to be good at each of the disciplines to reach the finish line. This paralleled his business where operations, marketing and finance all had to be balanced in order to continue to progress.

Lessons in Risk-Taking: Heart Condition and Business Strategy

Collin’s heart condition introduced him to the concept of heart rate training. This became a shift in both his athletic and entrepreneurial approach. Just as he learned to pace himself in running, he began applying the principle of measured effort to business. The realization that steady, calculated progress trumps impulsive decisions became a cornerstone of his philosophy in both worlds.

Client Selection: Akin to Training Regimen

As an entrepreneur, Collin emphasizes the importance of client selection. He identifies and sheds clients who don’t align with his evolving business strategy. The need to cut ‘dead weight’ and work with compatible clients mirrors the ability to choose the right races and training methods. At the start, you want to work with all the clients or run all the races. Over time, you learn to find the ones that make you the happiest. This is in either entrepreneurship or endurance sports. Do what works best for you, not what works best for the person on social media.

Consistency Trumps Impatience: A Key to Success

Collin’s success, in entrepreneurship and endurance sports, is linked to consistency. Whether it’s getting better as a software engineer or preparing for an Ironman, the commitment to showing up consistently is a driving force. The emphasis on grit, patience, perseverance through mental barriers is a universal truth in both business and endurance athletics.

Patience and Risk Management: Foundational Virtues

The virtue of patience, Collin mentions, is connected to his endurance journey. Over the years, he learned the art of risk management—whether it be navigating the uncertainties of entrepreneurship or pacing oneself in a marathon. The ability to mitigate risks, coupled with the understanding that success is a long game, has been instrumental in his achievements.

Entrepreneurship And Endurance Sports—A Harmonious Blend

Collin Robinson’s journey showcases the blend of entrepreneurship and endurance sports. From coding to Ironman, his story is that of calculated risk, consistent effort, and the collaboration between two seemingly varied pursuits. Aspiring entrepreneurs and endurance athletes can draw inspiration from Collin’s experience—proof to the resilience required to navigate the challenges in both worlds. 

The journey is not a sprint but an endurance race, where success is the result of passion, patience, and the pursuit of excellence in every stride and endeavor.

Entrepreneurship and Endurance Sports: Collin Robinson's Journey from Code to Ironman Run Tri Bike

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