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Trailblazing Endurance Athlete: Fireside Chat with Brittany Olson

Trailblazing Endurance Athlete Brittany Olson on Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat

Welcome to the 106th Fireside Chat episode featuring trailblazing endurance athlete Brittany Olson. Brittany is a running and mindset coach plus a community leader for Run Tri Bike. In this Fireside Chat, Founder Jason Bahamundi and Co-Owner Aum Gandhi engage in a lively discussion with Brittany, discussing her journey, philosophy, and TrailblazeHER initiative.

1. Journey of Evolution:

Brittany’s path from mindset coaching to a specialized focus on running and strength training for female athletes is a testament to her passion. Discover the moments that shaped her coaching approach and empowered athletes to achieve their goals.

2. Embracing Vulnerability:

The conversation touches on Brittany’s openness about personal struggles. The conversation shows how vulnerability fosters authentic connections between coaches and athletes. Learn how sharing experiences and building resilience in the face of challenges can lead to growth.

3. TrailblazeHER Initiative:

Dive into Brittany’s TrailblazeHER program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to elevate women athletes through a holistic blueprint for transformation. Uncover the four pillars of her approach and how it empowers athletes to excel while fostering long-term habits. This initiative is sure to be a trailblazing experience for all involved, including Brittany.

4. Empowering Fitness Philosophy:

Brittany’s philosophy on workouts removes the conventional “must do” mindset and embraces a perspective of empowerment and enjoyment. Learn how shifting your mindset can lead to sustainable progress. That progress brings confidence, and a renewed passion for training.

5. Light-hearted Moments:

At the end of the discussions, the Fireside Chat gets to the deep topics such as favorite foods and guilty pleasures, showcasing the fun and relatable side of endurance training and coaching. Does Brittany prefer the edge or center of a tray of brownies?

Brittany’s energy and expertise make this Fireside Chat a must-watch for endurance athletes seeking motivation, inspiration, and actionable insights. Join us in learning about her commitment to coaching trailblazing endurance athletes on their own paths to success.