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Skin Care for Endurance Athletes: A Personal Revelation

Skin Care for Endurance Athletes dermasport product review

As an endurance athlete and someone who was diagnosed with melanoma earlier this year, my skin care has become even more important. I wore sunscreen prior to the diagnosis but it made me start looking into what sunscreens I had used. And to be honest, they were whatever was on sale which isn’t a good thing. Finding skin care for endurance athletes can be hard. Being able to test out dermasport as being a Run Tri Bike Community Leader certainly made this process easier.

Unmasking the Truth: The Quest for Chemical-Free Cleansers

On top of figuring out what sunscreen to use, I also focused on what cleansers and lotions to use. It means reading a lot of articles about the dangerous and not dangerous ingredients found in these types of products. I’m going to save you a little time. We have more dangerous than not dangerous chemicals in our sunscreen, cleansers and lotions in this country. 

After trying a few different products out, I can only recommend two brands and one of these is Dermasport. 

My Dermasport Experience: Why I Recommend These Products


The dermasport sunscreen is 50 SPF which blocks about 98% of UVB rays. This is helpful anywhere but when living in Phoenix where it’s sunny year around, this is a must. It also has mainly clean ingredients which makes me feel safer than other sunscreens that contain ingredients that are illegal in other countries. I love how it went on smoothly and did not have that thick texture like some sunscreens. I am a trail runner who sweats a lot and not once did the sunscreen run in my eyes which is a big issue I have had with other products. During long runs, it was easy to stow in my pack so when I needed to re-apply I could grab it quickly and put it on with no issues of it being too runny nor too thick.


The face cleanser is similar to the sunscreen in that it does not have those chemicals other products have. I was amazed at how little I had to use to clean my face from the sunscreen, dirt, sweat and salt that are caked on me after trail runs. I used a little water for my face, used a small amount (maybe dime sized) of the cleanser, rubbed it on my face, splashed it with water and my face felt totally refreshed. 


I struggle with dry skin in the desert. With it being so dry, my skin gets super ashy and then dries out. I kept this product right next to the face cleanser so I would remember to put it on after I dried my face. The moisturizer was also used on my neck because the back of my neck gets super dry from being exposed to the sun so much. Beyond just using it right after running, I also used it before I went to bed. This product made my face feel soft and the itchiness was completely gone. 

This is very similar to the sunscreen and face wash in terms of the ingredients which makes me feel safe in using this product.

Eye Cream: 

I did not know I needed eye cream and am still in denial about it. However, I decided to give it a try since it came with the other 3 products. It went on so smoothly like the other products. At first, I noticed my eye lines a lot more because I had never paid attention to them. After about 2 weeks of using it, I realized I saw a difference. I did struggle to remember to use it because it wasn’t something I used prior. That being said, once I kept on it consistently, I noticed a positive change around those ‘laugh lines’. 

Skin Care For Endurance Athletes Beyond Aesthetics: The Health Implications

I do recommend using dermasport for protection from the sun as well as keeping that skin nice and fresh. I do not like having a lot of added chemicals in the products that I use. The sun leaves us susceptible to a variety of skin cancers but the chemicals may also lead to severe health issues. The fact that all 4 products are easy to use and can be taken anywhere only adds to my recommendation.

The cat is out of the bag. Skin care for endurance athletes does not have to be kept secret.

We only have one body so let’s take care of it!


Brittany Olson Run Tri Bike Community Leader

Brittany Olson is a dedicated coach with a strong belief in the power of a growth mindset and the significance of movement in our lives. Specializing in trail running and mobility/strength training, she empowers athletes to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional strength. Brittany's coaching philosophy revolves around celebrating the wins, making small sustainable changes, and providing unwavering support and accountability to help her clients overcome obstacles and reach their goals.