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Revolutionize Your Skin Care Routine

Revolutionize Your Skin Care Routine a dermasport product review for run tri bike

This month I had the opportunity to sample Dermasport skin care products. Admittedly, it has been a few years since I have consistently used skin care products so I was excited to get back into the routine. I have avoided skin care in the past for a few reasons, including gender norms and viewing skin care as something not commonly practiced by males. My previous attempts at using skin care products have also been mixed and my work & training schedule has made keeping up with practice challenging. Being a triathlete who spends several training sessions sweating in the sun and swimming in chlorinated pools should be all the reasons to find a reliable skin care routine, so let’s bring on Dermaspot! Let’s see if it will help revolutionize your skin care routine and mine.

The Dermasport Experience: A New Beginning

My use of Dermasport this month focused on applying the skin product when I woke up, after swim sessions, before runs and before bed. After just a few applications of Dermasport, I noticed a marked difference, here are my findings:

Sunscreen Protection: A Triathlete’s Necessity

As an endurance athlete who spends significant time outdoors, protecting my skin is paramount. I enjoyed how Dermasport was simple to spread and did not leave an overly oily feeling across my face. The product also lasted and didn’t leak into my eyes leaving them stinging or red.

Cleanser Delight: Simple and Refreshing

One of my favorite products from Dermasport, the cleanser was simple to apply and left my skin feeling fresh. There weren’t any complicated instructions that some products have ie., build into a lather or pour a pea sized amount to your palm, but just a couple pumps and rub into your face instead. The fragrance was not overbearing and the results were a big win.

Hydration Excellence: Dermasport Moisturizer

Like the cleanser, this product was a major success for me. I enjoyed how the fragrance was not overbearing and my skin was left feeling sufficiently hydrated. Unlike most moisturizers, Dermasport’s fragrance is mild with a slightly “clean” scent.

After the pool, my skin traditionally feels dry as a bone, however, I found the moisturizer not overly moisturizing but just enough to help my skin from feeling dry. Also, many moisturizers have an overbearing fragrance or are so oily they stain your clothes or pillow case when they make contact—not Dermasport.

The Eye Cream Experiment: Goggle Marks and More

I’ve never used eye cream before so I was excited to try Dermasport’s. Especially since this one is intended to alleviate goggle marks. I am someone who leaves the pool with goggle marks lasting a few hours. I found the eye cream to be mildly effective at relieving my goggle marks. That being said, it did reduce the deepest marks and kept the skin around my eyes from drying out.

Dermasport in Action: My Personal Observations

Dermasport met all the criteria I look for in a skin care product. As a triathlete, I have specific demands for my skin and Dermasport met all the criteria I value. If you are someone who values a product for your skin that is effective you must give Dermasport a try. Their products don’t carry a heavy fragrance or oily feeling which is an added plus. Their products will help revolutionize your skin care routine.


Adam Turréy Run Tri Bike Community Leader

Adam is an endurance coach and personal trainer living in the San Francisco Bay area. He is the owner of Lucid Motion, an endurance team that works with underrepresented demographics and helps them participate more in endurance sports.