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A Natural Sunscreen for Athletes: A Trail Runner’s Review of Zealios Sun Protection

Natural Sunscreen for Athletes: A Trail Runner’s Review of Zealios Sun Protection

Calling all trail runners and outdoor athletes! As an avid trail runner, I know the importance of sun protection and how annoying most sunscreens and lip balms can be when working up a sweat. Well, Zealios is about to change your relationship with sun protection thanks to their natural sunscreen for athletes products. I took their SPF 45 Sun Barrier and SPF 28 Lipguard out on the trails for some thorough testing and was blown away by both the comfort and functionality. 

A Natural Sunscreen for Athletes: A Trail Runner’s Review of Zealios Sun Protection


Let’s start with the Zealios Sun Barrier. When it comes to comfort, this sunscreen is in a league of its own. The lotion glides onto skin with a cooling effect that feels like an instant refresh button before a run. Unlike so many chalky, greasy sunscreens that feel like they’re suffocating your pores, this formula is breathable and weightless. It rubs in easily without any white residue, allowing your skin to feel free. On a recent trail run at midday, I noticed no stinging or irritation even when sweating profusely. For context, I am a heavy sweater. The scent is an added bonus that made me feel energized pre-run.

Now let’s talk about the Lipguard. When it comes to comfort, this lip balm shocked me. The gel formula is incredibly lightweight and hydrating without any waxy or greasy feel. It glides onto lips effortlessly then essentially disappears. I kept having to check that it was still on! Unlike thick chapsticks, I literally forgot I had it on during my trail runs. It provides a veil of hydration without suffocating lips. There was no annoying tackiness or slipperiness – just healthy, protected lips.


In terms of functionality, the Sun Barrier delivers hardcore sun protection with SPF 45. I took it out for long trail runs under the blazing California sun and it worked like a charm. The 80 minute reapplication window is perfect for applying it just once before those longer runs. It maintained its effectiveness over 2 grueling hours of intense sun exposure and sweat. When it came time to reapply, it rubbed in with no pilling or clumping. The easy to use tube makes application on the go super simple.

In terms of functionality, the Lipguard earned top marks as well. The SPF 28 protected my lips perfectly on long runs under intense sun, wind, and sweat. No drying, cracking or sunburned lips here! It kept my lips smooth for hours on end, requiring only minimal reapplication after about 2 hours. The tiny tube is portable and fits easily into any pocket, making reapplication a breeze.

Last Words

A couple more things to know: Zealios products are all vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are never tested on animals. For all avid ocean frolickers, Zealios sun protection is currently not reef safe, but keep an eye out for that in the future. 

If you want sun protection that works as hard as you do on the trails, I can’t recommend Zealios Sun Barrier and Lipguard enough. The price point is well worth the quality of the product you’re putting on your skin. Your skin and lips will thank you for giving these products a shot. 


Aum Gandhi Run Tri Bike Magazine Co-Owner

Aum Gandhi is a social media manager, content writer, and co-owner of Run Tri Bike. An active ultrarunner, Aum has a palpable love for the sport and the trail community. His purpose in all his professional and personal activities is to inspire others by leaving a positive impact. Aum maintains a personal blog on his website in which he shares both his running exploits and features of energizing endurance athletes to all audiences. In his free time, you’d probably catch Aum reading, crewing at races, playing video games, out on the trails, or watching NBA Basketball.