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CEP Run Limited Edition Compression Mid Cut Sock: A Product Review

CEP Run Compression Mid Cut Socks Product Review Run Tri Bike
For years, I have grabbed a pair of socks and put them on before heading out the door to run. I never thought about them in terms of performance. My only goal was for them to be comfortable. As I began to run longer distances, I didn’t want to suffer from blisters. Finding the right running apparel, including socks, became more important. My typical set up was to wear toe socks under a pair of typical running socks. Running ultras meant that foot care became more important. I didn’t want to derail my training or racing with achy/blistered feet. This combination prevented me from getting blisters and added an additional layer of cushioning. That was it, that was my entire thought process for socks. About a month ago, the team at CEP reached out and asked if I wanted to test out a pair of their Run Compression Mid Cut Socks 4.0. My thinking was, they are socks so why not. My plan was to take them to Lake Sonoma and give them a run during the 50-miler. As it turns out, I didn’t race that day but I did take them out the next day for a run in the mud and puddles, figuring that was a good way to test them out. I also wore them when I ran on the treadmill to see if the different surface would give me a different thought process on the socks.

Comfort and Fit: A Closer Look

I noticed that the sock fit more snug in the arch and the ankle. It wasn’t squeezing my foot, but it was a pressure that was appreciated since it was noticeable. According to the CEP  website, this is to help increase blood circulation, which aids in injury prevention, reduces swelling, and alleviates pain associated with plantar fasciitis and the Achilles tendon.

Durability Under Tough Conditions

I wore this for a run on the trails that the Lake Sonoma 50 race is on, the day after it rained for nearly 9 hours. The trail was filled with mud and puddles, which made me happy. I would normally seek the mud and water out because I’m a kid on the trails but this was a great way to test out the socks. When the run was over, the socks were drenched. I tossed them in the washing machine, and the next time I wore them, there was no noticeable difference from the first time I tried them on. As of the time of me writing this product review, I have put the socks on again and the sock feels the same as the first time.

Sizing and Style Choices

I ordered the medium size for men which covers a shoe size of 6.5 to 9. I wear a 9 to 9.5 in running shoes, so I am at the tail end of the sizing chart. When I put on the socks, I didn’t feel like my feet were cramped. Even after two washings, the sock still feels good on my feet. There isn’t any stretching of the sock to accommodate my foot size as it holds true to form. The Run Compression Mid Cut Sock 4.0 comes in 10 colors and three different sizes. Those sizes range from medium to extra large. Since the medium felt good on my foot, I don’t know that you need to buy a size up. There socks are intended to provide compression and an extra size up may reduce the effectiveness of the compression.

Value and Price Comparison

This particular model has a cost of $19.95 which seems to be in the price range of their competitors. At $19.95, the CEP Run Compression Mid Cut Socks present good value. The CEP website lists a handful of benefits for this particular sock. To date, I cannot point to one of them and say that it isn’t true. The sock feels cushiony on the foot strike while making your foot feel like a burrito wrapped in foil, comfortably fantastic. As I mentioned at the beginning of this product review, a sock was just a sock. I didn’t give it much thought beyond that. Now that I’ve tried out the CEP Run Compression Mid Cut sock, I will seek it out of my laundry pile. I am looking forward to longer runs and the cushion that the socks provide.