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My Triathlon Journey: A Path of Transformation

My Triathlon Journey: A Path of Transformation Andrew Rice
Andrew Rice
Year started: 2022
Next race: July 9, 202 / Shawnee Mission Sprint Triathlon / Shawnee, KS
Favorite gear:

Under Armour, Gymshark, Adidas

As I stood at the crossroads of choosing between a Spartan race, a Tough Mudder, or a Triathlon, I knew I had to set a deadline for myself. Thanksgiving of 2021 became the turning point, and I gave myself until my December birthday to make a decision. After careful contemplation, I found myself drawn to the world of triathlons. This is the story of my journey, from struggling through my first race to the determination that drives me to train harder for the upcoming Shawnee Mission Sprint Triathlon. My triathlon journey is a path to transformation both physically and mentally.

A Deadline for Personal Growth

Knowing my tendencies to procrastinate, I realized that without a set date, I might never take the leap. Watching other guys my age with impressive physiques and superior athleticism during the Warrior Dash mud runs left me self-conscious. I yearned to push past my limitations and prove to myself that I could achieve more.Out of the three events I considered, the triathlon seemed like the perfect fit. Following fitness enthusiasts who shared their experiences in various races, I felt that the triathlon offered me the best chance at personal growth and success.

The Appeal of the Shawnee Mission Sprint Triathlon

Financial constraints limited my options, but luckily, the Shawnee Mission Sprint Triathlon was conveniently located less than an hour away from my home. The accessibility of this event made it an obvious choice, allowing me to test my limits without extensive travel expenses.

As I entered the triathlon without proper training, my main goal was simply to finish the race. I didn’t set specific time expectations, but secretly hoped to complete it within two hours. Despite the uncertainty, my determination to face the challenge head-on fueled my spirit.

A Trial More Challenging Than Anticipated

Every stage of the triathlon proved to be more demanding than I had imagined. Although I had been a swimmer in the past, the open water swim introduced a whole new set of challenges. Limited visibility underwater and in front of me added to the difficulty. Cycling presented unexpected hurdles as I struggled to navigate gear shifts, ultimately resorting to walking my bike up steep hills. The run, the final leg, became more of a walk for me.

The Road to Redemption

Learning from my previous experience, I decided to change my approach for this year’s triathlon. I teamed up with my best friend, who became my training partner. Together, we hit the gym, focusing on cardio and strength training from December to March. As the weather improved, we transitioned to outdoor running. Additionally, I reached out to a fellow triathlete and Half-Ironman athlete, who kindly offered to be my coach at a reduced rate. Under his guidance, I received tailored workouts and valuable feedback to help me progress.

Looking ahead, I envision my endurance sports journey leading me to new heights. My ultimate goal is to participate in an Ironman event. I want to race alongside the supportive and inspiring individuals I have connected with online. Their advice and encouragement has been invaluable. It has reminded me that this journey is not only about personal achievements but also about forging lasting connections. I intend to continue embracing the challenges and joys that come with endurance sports for years to come.

My Triathlon Journey: A Path Of Transformation

From struggling through my first race to dedicating myself to rigorous training for the upcoming Shawnee Mission Sprint Triathlon, I have learned the power of perseverance and determination. This journey has not only shaped my physical abilities but has also ignited a passion within me that will continue to drive me forward. As I strive to achieve new milestones and create lasting bonds within the triathlon community, I hope to inspire others to overcome their own obstacles and embark on their unique paths of transformation.