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Mountain Man Sprint Triathlon Race Report – Phaedra Culley

Where: Arizona
When: July 16, 2023
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• It's high elevation. Take the swim slow otherwise you can run out of gas out right away
• If you can go a few days early, it's recommended to allow for acclimation.
Mountain Man Triathlon Flagstaff Arizona
Mountain Man Flagstaff Arizona Race Report
The best thing(s) about the race:
• 1. The chill vibe. The race directors are a sibling set and they are amazing. It is super inclusive and friendly!
• 2. The location is beautiful!
• 3. They offer a super sprint
What was less than ideal: Needs more aid Stuff (gels & hydration) especially needs an aid station in the last mile/half mile. & more protein foods at the end.
What I didn't expect: The heat this year!
Race organization: This is one of the absolute best races!
Fuel and aid stations: Fairly good! Needs one more aid station closer to the end. And should offer gu/blocs at the turnaround.
Additional info: Just know that if you are doing anything with 6+ miles of running that the hill is a beast. This is my favorite race and I look forward to it every year!
Overall grade: 5 stars