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Dirty Kitten Gravel Cycling Race Report – Pat Spencer

Where: Virginia
When: July 29, 2023
Race length: Gravel Cycling
Quick Tips:
• Hydrate early and often
• Enjoy the day
Dirty Kitten Gravel Cycling Race Report
Dirty Kitten Gravel Cycling Race Report
The best thing(s) about the race:
• The course was amazing. 100% gravel, no cars on course. It was mostly flat rollers with 2 steep punchy climbs.
• The race directors actively strive to have a welcoming and diverse group of athletes. Everybody is invited to the race. No matter who you love, your gender, size, race or ethnicity, everybody was welcome.
• The volunteers and support were amazing. I loved having a pit stop after each loop. I could refill with my preferred hydration and food and I could see my wife who would eagerly cheer me on.
What was less than ideal: The heat was oppressive. I had to stop early because no matter how hard I tried to stay cool with ice and hydration my body was not happy with the intense heat.
What I didn't expect: I wasn’t expecting it to be as fun as it was.
Race organization: Everything was well organized.
Fuel and aid stations: The aid stations were perfect. The volunteers were helpful, energetic and cheerful. The food and drink was well stocked. They also had volunteers putting ice in our jerseys and spraying us with water to try to cool us down.
Additional info: The hills were steep, but feel free to walk. The course was beautiful.
Overall grade: 5 stars