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Canyons 100 Race Report – Jason Bahamundi

Where: California
When: April 28, 2023
Race length: Ultra
Quick Tips:
• Pack calorie dense foods in your pack.
• Use your trekking poles liberally. There is a lot of climbing and descending which is eased with the use of your poles.
Canyons 100 Endurance Runs by UTMB
Canyons 100 Race Report - No Hands Bridge
The best thing(s) about the race:
• Racing on the Western States 100 trail
• Runners from all over the world
• The course markings. The course was well marked and there were no scenarios where I was questioning which way we were supposed to go.
What was less than ideal: The aid stations were less than ideal. I understand that it was an unseasonably hot day but the lack of food at the aid stations was astonishing. An open tray of chips, a few bowls of snacks (jelly beans M&Ms, pretzels), oranges, bananas, watermelon were at each aid station. Some PB&Js but nothing else in the way of food. This combined with the drop bags not being available until Mile 48 makes for a situation in which there are not enough calories available to the athletes.
What I didn't expect: I didn't expect the camaraderie that I experienced. I chatted with Richard starting at the Mile 4 aid station for about 3 miles. A bit further into the race found Steve and Joel whom I stayed with for nearly 20 miles. The conversations made the time and miles go by quickly.
Race organization: Moderate. The emergency numbers were not on the Runner's Guide or the bibs but you knew where packet pick-up was as well as the expo.
Fuel and aid stations: Poor. There could have been more calorie dense foods for the athletes.
Overall grade: 3 stars