Hilary Topper A Triathlet's Diary Run Tri Bike Magazine Podcast Interview

Angela and Jason had an idea for Run • Tri • Bike in January 2021. They produced their first issue in March 2021 and were fortunate to be interviewed by Hilary Topper of A Triathlete’s Diary shortly after that first issue was produced and the second issue, featuring Melissa Stockwell, was being assembled.

Here are a few show notes from the podcast and we urge to click the link below and give the full episode a listen and find out how Run • Tri • Bike was started and other information about the Run • Tri • Bike vision and mission.

We have a packed show today, and we’re going to talk about everything endurance sports. We’re going to be specifically talking about a new magazine for swim bike run, called Run • Tri • Bike.

I’m Hilary Topper. And this is Hilary Topper on air. Today, I have the great pleasure of speaking with Jason Bahamundi president and CEO and Angela Nath, senior vice-president of Run • Tri • Bike, a multimedia platform designed to help beginner athletes navigate the world of endurance sports, which includes running, cycling and swimming. Welcome guys to the show. First you, Jason, can you tell us a little bit about Run•Tri•Bike Magazine, why you decided to launch the magazine and who is the intended audience is?

Jason – Sure. Hilary, thank you very much for having me on. So Run•Tri•Bike Magazine was started by Angela and me because, during conversations amongst friends and acquaintances and people involved in the sports world, we found that there was a need for tips and tricks and stories and inspiration and motivation for beginners. And we’re just coming off ……


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