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3 Components Of Running Form To Focus On

Running Form Components Gabriella Greif Run Tri Bike Magazine Video

Running form and mechanics are important in reducing risk of injury, improving running efficiency and improving performance. Runners may look for a variety of solutions to help them improve their running performance, but they can start by focusing on the 3 components of running form. This video will give you insight into these components and help you address the issues caused by poor running form.

3 Components Of Running Form To Focus On

  • Over-Striding
  • Running Cadence
  • Foot Placement


Over-striding, often especially found in novice athletes, you will see runners take huge steps to try to clear more ground. These huge steps are “over-striding,” instead try to shorten your stride and take smaller steps.

Running Cadence

Running cadence is defined as the number of steps a runner takes on a per minute basis while running. The goal is to take approximately 180 steps per minute, however in the novice runner this may be hard to achieve, therefore making a goal of >165 steps per minute is beneficial.

Foot Placement

When running each foot should essentially hit the same spot with each step. When you begin to cross the midline, or have a varied foot placement pattern, you will become much less efficient in your run. This may also increase your chance of injury. To the untrained eye, this will be hard to assess. If you are currently experiencing an injury or pain due to running, this is something to consider and review in your stride. Start by taking a video of you running toward the camera and see where your foot lands. If it isn’t the same repetitive motion then this could be the cause of your injury. Taking the time to address your foot placement can lead to longer and more fruitful running.

This video will provide you insight into the 3 components of running form that all runners can focus on. You can also click HERE for plyometric exercises to perform or click HERE for warm-up exercises. These videos can also help you avoid injury from running.

Gabriella Greif GG Physical Therapy

Gabriella is the founder and owner of GG Physical Therapy. She graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She has extensive clinical experience treating orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries using manual therapy, targeted exercise techniques, and functional training. Gabriella is also certified in Functional Dry Needling. 

Gabriella treats patients of all ages and activity levels. An avid runner herself, Gabriella especially enjoys working with runners and athletes and is also a certified Running Rehabilitation Specialist. 

Gabriella was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She leads an active lifestyle and loves "all things fitness."  Additionally, Gabriella considers herself a local foodie and die-hard Dallas Mavericks fan. After 10 years in Boston, she is thrilled to bring her physical therapy services to her hometown.