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Empowering Girls Through Triathlon: Insights from i-Tri Girls Founder

Empowering Girls Through Triathlon Fireside Chat Episode 99 Run Tri Bike

Welcome to the Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat Episode 99, where Jason Bahamundi and Aum Gandhi sit down with Theresa Roden, the visionary force behind i-Tri Girls. This engaging conversation sheds light on the transformative power of triathlon and its impact on young girls’ lives. This is a must-watch conversation that brings attention to how i-Tri is empowering girls through triathlon and the benefits that last beyond sport.

Empowering Young Women Through Triathlon

i-Tri Girls, a non-profit based in Long Island, NY, is dedicated to empowering and transforming young girls’ lives through triathlon. The conversation covers i-Tri’s mission, emphasizing its impact on participants. Beyond that the trio chats about the future of empowering women in sports. Theresa Roden shares firsthand insights into the program’s vision and the resilience it instills in its participants. She highlights the transformative journey that extends beyond high school.

Navigating Challenges and Triumphs

They discuss how the program shapes participants’ lives during middle school and beyond, navigating the changing landscape of today’s world and its impact on organizations like i-Tri. The challenges and triumphs of empowering young women through sport are illuminated, providing valuable insights for athletes and enthusiasts alike.


The Role of Media in Shaping Women in Sports

Jason Bahamundi raises thought-provoking questions about the role of media in shaping the future of women in sports. This prompts insightful reflections from Theresa, offering perspectives on how media portrayal can influence and empower female athletes. She discusses how these portrayals can drive positive change in the sports industry.

Lighter Moments and Controversial Debates

The conversation concludes on a lighter note with a rapid-fire round of quirky questions. From the pineapple on pizza debate to discussing whether candy corn qualifies as a legitimate candy, the discussion adds humor and curiosity to the empowering dialogue.

Join the Conversation

Join Run Tri Bike’s engaging discussion with Theresa Roden as they celebrate the resilience, empowerment, and transformative journey of i-Tri Girls. This conversation offers valuable insights and inspiration about youth in triathlon.