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Wildsense Chafing Balm Product Review

Wildsense Chafing Balm Product Review on Run Tri Bike Magazine

No matter the weather conditions, Wildsense Chafing Balm stood the test of long-distance ultrarunning. Imagine having a chafing cream at your disposal that you actually don’t mind having all over your hands after application. The length of some of the races I did with this chafing balm was up to 100 miles. At the Tahoe Rim Trail 100, For me as an ultrarunner, a good chafing cream is best measured by duration, smell, and practicality.  In this product review, I will be assessing those factors for the Wildsense chafing balm as part of three larger categories: quality, consistency, and effectiveness.

Wildsense Chafing Balm Product Review


Owners Jason and Kathleen Hanley would be the first to tell you that they are not competing against other chafing creams. Wildsense Goods is a one-stop shop for items you would not normally ever see together, such as CBD bath bombs and bug spray. Still, for the sake of comparing items we normally see at aid stations, let’s compare prices.

At $9.50 to $15 (1 oz or 2 oz), Wildsense chafing balm is priced no differently than Squirrel Nut Butter. The fundamental difference I’ve noticed with Wildsense Chafing Balm is the direct attention to quality. The product you’re using was tested in the field by the owners themselves because Wildsense is a locally-owned family business.

Located in sunny Houston, this chafing balm has been through it all. As long-distance ultrarunners, Jason and Kathleen have tried it all. You can be sure your product is backed by experience up to footraces 200 miles long. 


There are chafing products out there that are effective, but the consistency is just gross. After applying the product to the places that you chafe (let’s just call it that), getting the residual oils off your hands isn’t the best feeling. Wildsense chafing balm application during the heat (100+ degrees F) didn’t bother me at all. The product smells good and has yet to bother my hands. There are only 6 ingredients in this product. As a coconut lover, I am a huge fan of the inclusion of coconut oil and believe that this helps the product’s consistency.


The biggest standout factor was the length of effectiveness of the chafing balm. Personally, I only needed one liberal application throughout the Tahoe Rim Trail 100. The disclaimer to this is I would have applied it again towards the end. The reason I didn’t? I did not pack the product into my drop bags. That being said, my general sense is that several applications would be more than enough to get you through each day if you’re doing crazy long distances of running, cycling, walking, or struggle with chafing in general. 

Final Wildsense Chafing Balm Product ReviewReview

Is it worth your time to test out Wildsense Chafing Balm? Absolutely. If you’re looking for a natural solution made by a locally-owned small family business, this is for you. Is your concern that every product is carefully tested by two experienced athletes who know exactly what their crowd is looking for? This is for you. Want a handmade quality product at a price point that is no different than other chafing solutions on the market/ Get your hands on the Wildsense chafing balm.

Photo Credit: Phil Salmeron


Aum Gandhi Run Tri Bike Magazine Co-Owner

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