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Trinity is a velcro dog.


Australian Shepherd/3 Years Old
Favorite Post-Run Treat: Training Treats

Trinity is an Australian Shepherd with some border collie. She also goes by Velcro dog. Her owner Angelisa had grown up on an alpaca ranch with an Australian Shepherd. Angelisa lost him at a young age. She knew should get an Aussie again one day. During the pandemic, a friend posted her picture as a puppy for sale. The Australian Shepherd was in Virginia.

Using the opportunity to take a road trip, Angelisa drove to Virginia and made Trinity a part of her family. Now, Trinity has become Angelisa’s best buddy. They go on hikes and run together. The two of them also do-little training programs together. Trinity has seen 23 different states.

The energetic Aussie has run a marathon distance. She is all set to run her first official marathon one day. Australian Shepherds are born to run for a long time without getting tired. Trinity loves running on the trails with Angelisa.

In fact, Trinity had done a 19 mile run with Angelisa the day before her skiing accident. Despite her unbridled energy, the Australian Shepherd has toned her energy down to be Angelisa’s support system. Still, they go out to the backyard and play with Trinity’s favorite toy: a herder ball. 

When she’s not running, Trinity is a big fan of different foods, but she loves her training treats. When she gets love and attention, she truly lives up to her reputation of being a velcro dog. Trinity is truly a big part of Angelisa’s world and her best friend.