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Endurance Unleashed: Kassie Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike
Endurance Unleashed: Kassie Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike


75% German Shepherd and 25% Lab / 8 Years Old
Favorite Post-Run Treat: Carrots

Kassie is 80 pounds of puppy love in an adult dogs body! She is 75% German Shepherd, and 25% Lab. She loves to go, whether it’s running, hiking or walking the neighborhood or even riding in the truck. All I have to do is say “Walk?” and she cannot contain herself- she has trouble sitting just to get the leash on.

Once while running together I tripped and fell, and while I laid in the street trying to get up, she proceeded to lick and bounce all over me! Kassie also loves to go camping, especially because she gets to sleep in the tent on the same level as her humans.

It’s nearly impossible to take a selfie together without her trying to lick my face! Kassie is beginning to age a bit now, but still has the same exuberance she did as a young dog. It’s hard to accept that her body is beginning to lack endurance when her heart so obviously wants to ‘do it all.’ One thing is for sure- Kassie is full of love and is living her best life.