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Triathlon Insights: Inclusivity, Beginners, and Nutrition

Triathlon Insights Inclusivity Beginners and Nutrition With Kyla Lupo and Liz Shaw of Team Go Big

In the 71st episode of our Fireside Chats series, we had the incredible pleasure of sitting down with two extraordinary individuals who are making waves in the world of triathlon – Kyla Lupo, the founder of Team Go Big, and Liz Shaw, a dedicated coach from Team Go Big. Kyla and Liz provide triathlon insights into inclusivity, beginners and nutrition.

This Fireside Chat isn’t just a conversation; it’s an exploration of topics that matter deeply in the realm of triathlon and endurance sports as a whole.

Triathlon Insights: Inclusivity, Beginners, and Nutrition with Team Go Big

Inclusivity in Sport: Opening the Doors Wide

One of the highlights of our conversation is the discussion about inclusivity in sport. Kyla and Liz share their insights and experiences on how they are making the world of triathlon more welcoming and accessible for everyone. From seasoned athletes to beginners, Team Go Big believes in opening the doors wide and embracing all individuals with a passion for endurance sports.

Welcoming Beginners with Open Arms

Triathlon can be an intimidating world, especially for beginners. However, Kyla and Liz shed light on their unique approach to welcoming newcomers with open arms. Their philosophy revolves around building a supportive community that encourages growth and progress for athletes at all levels. If you’re just starting your journey in triathlon or considering it, this conversation will inspire you to take that leap.

The Key Ingredient: Nutrition for Success

Nutrition is often the unsung hero in an athlete’s success story. Kyla and Liz emphasize the pivotal role nutrition plays in achieving your goals as a triathlete. They share valuable insights on how to fuel your body effectively. Kyla and Liz touch on how to optimize your performance, and make smart choices that contribute to your overall well-being.

Rapid Fire Round: Fun Food Favorites

As our Fireside Chat draws to a close, we keep things light and entertaining with a rapid-fire round of questions. Ever wondered what “weird” candy Liz can’t resist or where you can find the best ice cream sandwiches in San Francisco, as recommended by Kyla? Tune in to discover the fun food favorites of our fantastic guests.

Whether you’re an experienced triathlete, a newbie in the world of endurance sports, or simply someone interested in the incredible journey of these inspiring individuals, this Β is your ticket to an engaging and entertaining conversation.

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