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Overcoming Injury and Trail Running

Overcoming Injury and Trail Running Shelly Vandevens Run Tri Bike Magazine Fireside Chat

In Episode 38 of our captivating Fireside Chat series, we proudly present an inspiring conversation with the remarkable ultra runner, Shelly Vandevens. Join us as we dive into Shelly’s remarkable journey from her soccer roots to conquering the trails, a tale of perseverance that’s sure to fuel your passion and ignite your spirit. Become inspired by Shelly’s story of overcoming injury and trail running in this captivating episode.

A Journey of Transition: Soccer to Ultra Running

In this Fireside Chat, we explore Shelly’s remarkable transition from a soccer background to the world of ultra running. Discover how her unwavering determination and competitive spirit led her from the soccer field to the scenic trails, uncovering a new world of challenges and triumphs.

Resilience in Adversity: Bouncing Back from Injury

Shelly’s journey took an unexpected turn when a debilitating injury forced her to the sidelines for two long years. The Fireside Chat unravels her story of resilience, recounting how a chance encounter with Sally McRae breathed new life into her running aspirations. Shelly’s candid account of bouncing back from adversity is a testament to the power of determination and the human spirit.

Conquering New Horizons: Goals for Tarawera 102k

Anticipation soars as Shelly unveils her goals for the upcoming Tarawera 102k race in New Zealand. Immerse yourself in her preparation, passion, and determination as she embarks on this thrilling new challenge. The Fireside Chat leaves you eagerly awaiting Shelly’s performance and inspired to set audacious goals of your own.

Trail Triumphs: Inspiring the Endurance Spirit

The journey of ultra running isn’t just about the trails – it’s about the indomitable spirit that propels us forward. Discover Shelly’s tale of triumph of overcoming injury and trail running. This is a story that resonates with every endurance athlete seeking inspiration to conquer their own challenges.

Staying Connected: Never Miss a Moment

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