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Tri it for Life

Tri It For Life Club Spotlight Run Tri Bike Magazine

Mothers. Daughters. Wives. Sisters. Grandmothers. Tri It For Life brings women together. Dedicated mentors spend 12 weeks helping you discover a new title — Triathlete! Too often, women find themselves putting others first. Tri It For Life not only helps you train for your first women’s only triathlon, we encourage you to bring the focus back to you. Along with training the body to swim, bike, and run, we develop friendships for life, a renewed sense of spirit, and empower our athletes to believe in themselves. TIFL Chapters are in Charleston, Summerville, South Charlotte, Huntersville, Raleigh and an all virtual chapter.

The Tri It For Life specializes in nurturing each woman’s goal of completing a triathlon by helping them break down barriers they often impose on themselves. New athletes are led through the training process by a band of volunteer mentors, many of whom are returning athletes who want to share the inspiration and motivation they received. They guide and encourage new triathletes at members-only swim clinics, bicycle rides and running opportunities.

Athletes don’t just learn how to compete, they receive self-reliant education about bike use and maintenance, including proper use of gears, how to change a tire, clean a bike chain and other functions of the machine. At Tri It For Life transition clinics and mock triathlons, athletes are building confidence in their ability to get out of the pool, jump on a bike, ride nine miles, jump off a bike and run two miles.

Along the way, the athletes challenge and better themselves by getting healthy, gaining self-confidence and self-esteem, developing relationships with like-minded women. Each season ends with a celebration of our success. It’s the culmination of several months of hard, dedicated work on the part of the athletes and their mentors, and a great rally as the group looks toward race day on Sunday.

Tri It For Life Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight
President: Angi Klick