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The Start Of The Race Is Nearly Here

The Start Of The Race Is Nearly Here Jason Bahamundi Run Tri Bike

The start of the race is nearly here. 6:30am on Saturday the 13th is when the first step of approximately 125,000 steps will take place. That is a lot of steps but the reality is that those are the last steps of this journey. A journey that began 3 years ago when I took the same first step.

Lake Sonoma 50: A Challenging History

4 years ago, Lake Sonoma 50 didn’t mean anything to me in terms of accomplishments. I had already raced Western States as well as having finished Cocodona 250. This race was one that I put my name into the lottery because of how beautiful the area is. I wanted to run in a gorgeous venue and test my ability to run hard on a shorter course with lots of elevation gain.

Lessons Learned: Overcoming Tough Moments

3 years ago Lake Sonoma taught me a lesson. The race handed me my ass. It was tough. It was harder than Western States despite being half the distance. Due to the pandemic, I wound up racing this event in September and it may as well have been on the surface of the sun.

At mile 37 I sat at the aid station for more than 30 minutes. I had no desire to keep moving and just needed a break. I did the math in my head and calculated that if I walked around a 17:00/mi pace that I would get in under 14 hours. That is exactly what I did with a finish time of 13 hours and 34 minutes.

Training Trials: Facing Setbacks with Resilience

I would like to say that I’m going to beat that time by a lot but the reality is that I don’t know. This training cycle has been nowhere near ideal with an illness that took me out for nearly all of January. I then traveled in February which also ate into my training.

Despite all of that being stacked against me, I am at ease with what will happen on Saturday. Do I want to do my best? Of course I do but my best will be measured on that day and in that moment. What I am able to accomplish in those 50 miles will be what I was able to give and nothing less.

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Embracing the Unknown: The Beauty of Endurance Sports

There are many things that I love about endurance sports but one of the main things that I love is the unknown. I could have had a flawless training cycle but had a terrible race for a number of reasons. This unknown is why I line up and when the starting gun goes off, so do I. I have said this before but it bears repeating: For me, when the bib is on, the race is on.

One day’s result will not define me but what will be with me forever is effort. About one year ago, I lined up for the Canyons 100 miler and despite DNF’ing at the 50k mark I know that I gave it everything I had. This is what will happen tomorrow as well. All Gas, No Brakes.

The Value of Effort: Success Beyond Numbers

For those of you that are just starting your journey in endurance sports understand that giving yourself a chance at success is more meaningful than the time it took you to complete the event. I have finished 100 milers in just over 19 hours and Ironman triathlons in under 12 hours but my pride comes from giving myself a chance at those numbers versus the numbers themselves.

Enjoying the Journey: Moments to Treasure

The joy is in the journey. From the start of the race until I take my last step I will be enjoying the journey. I will laugh with the other competitors. There will be high-fives with the volunteers. In moments of solitude I will reflect on what life has provided me. The time will be well spent and so will I when my race ends.

Ready for the Start Line

The start of the race is nearly here. There is nothing else that can be done other than show up and get every ounce of energy and effort out of my mind and body. What the results are have yet to be determined but one thing that I know will happen is that I will have given everything I have.