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Exploring Endurance, Community, and Entrepreneurship: Fireside Chat with Adina O’Neill

Exploring Endurance Community and Entrepreneurship Adina O'Neill Run Tri Bike Fireside Chat

Welcome to the 93rd Fireside Chat with Run Tri Bike! In this discussion, Run Tri Bike Founder Jason Bahamundi and Co-Owner Aum Gandhi sit down with Adina O’Neill, the Founder of Team B*Real. Together, we explore the world of endurance sports, community and entrepreneurship.

Celebrating Team B*Real’s 3-Year Anniversary:

Join us as we celebrate the 3-year journey of Team B*Real. Adina shares her insights into the inception of the team, the driving forces behind its success, and the transformative evolution it has undergone over the years. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, discover how Adina has shaped this incredible community.

Exploring the Team Dynamic:

Learn about team dynamics as the trio discusses the importance of coming together for specific races to foster camaraderie and closeness. In today’s digital age, where connections can often feel superficial, learn how Team B*Real embodies the true essence of community and solidarity.


Endurance Sports and Entrepreneurship: A Symbiotic Relationship:

Gain valuable insights into the relationship between endurance sports and entrepreneurship. Adina reflects on the impact of endurance sports on her entrepreneurial endeavors, and vice versa. Discover how Adina uses her experiences to coach and inspire her team members towards greatness.

Lighter Moments: Laughter and Camaraderie:

But it’s not all serious discussion! Prepare to be entertained as Jason, Aum, and Adina share laughs while exploring the lighter side of endurance sports. Adina navigates the rapid-fire question segment with moments of laughter and camaraderie.


Whether you’re an aspiring endurance athlete, a seasoned entrepreneur, or simply someone seeking inspiration and motivation, this Fireside Chat is for you. Watch now and enjoy as we explore the intersection of endurance, community, and entrepreneurship with the remarkable Adina O’Neill!

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