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Team B*Real Fitness Adina O'Neill Run Tri Bike Magazine Contributor

Team B*REAL is a national multisport and endurance team that is more like a family. We are a community that offers camaraderie, support, and experience with no judgment about size, age, pace, gender identity, sexual orientation or anything else that makes you who you are.

We are swimmers, cyclists, runners, triathletes.

Team B*REAL is made up of regular people who have jobs and daily responsibilities. Some have children or grandchildren. Others have been athletes since high school. We have athletes that started in their 40s! Some want to compete and others are happy to cross the finish line.

B*REAL means a Realistic Empowered Attainable Lifestyle. The B is for Badass which means we like to work hard and have fun. It’s a safe place where every athlete can chase their goals.

We are a group of ordinary people who are having fun testing our own limits. Together we show up everyday to do our personal best and cheer each other on. We inspire each other and build confidence.

We are extraordinary athletes, not because we are setting records or reaching podiums, although sometimes that does happen. It’s our ability to show up consistently for ourselves, overcome challenges and work hard to reach meaningful goals.

Team B*Real Fitness Adina O'Neill Run Tri Bike Magazine Contributor
President: Adina O'Neill