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Swim, Dream, Achieve: Morgan Filler Fireside Chat

Swim, Dream, Achieve: Morgan Filler Fireside Chat Run Tri Bike

Welcome to the exhilarating world of endurance swimming and entrepreneurial spirit! In this Fireside Chat Episode 104, Run Tri Bike Founder Jason Bahamundi chats with Morgan Filler, the driving force behind See Her Swim. Prepare to dive into a narrative that transcends the boundaries of swimming and business, offering insights, inspiration, and a sprinkle of delightful banter.

Swimming Beyond Limits: A Journey of Endurance

Morgan’s story begins with her deep-rooted passion for marathon swimming. Discover her awe-inspiring journey that propelled her through a remarkable 28-mile swim around Manhattan Island. Brace yourself for a conversation that echoes the resilience and unyielding spirit of endurance athletes. Beyond the conversation about the swim, Morgan and Jason chat about NYC and their connections to the city.

Empowering Women Athletes: The Genesis of See Her Swim

From the depths of her love for swimming emerged See Her Swim, an innovative swimwear company embodying resilience and empowerment. Listen to Morgan’s entrepreneurial journey as she discusses the her brand. See Her Swim is a celebration of the strength and beauty inherent in women athletes. Gain firsthand insights into how passion and purpose combine to create a brand that excites athletes worldwide.

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Navigating Entrepreneurial Waters: Risks, Rewards, and Resilience

Join Jason and Morgan as they delve into entrepreneurship. Uncover the significance of taking calculated risks, embracing challenges, and needed resilience to navigate the unpredictable waters of business. Explore how these principles extend beyond the boardroom, shaping success not only in business but also in the broader spectrum of life’s adventures.

A Palette of Inspiration: From Swimming to Sweet Treats

As the Fireside Chat winds down, indulge in a humorous exchange about favorite food choices. From peeps to candy corn, the conversation takes a turn and we find out Morgan’s ultimate brownie topping secret – coffee ice cream! Discover how small joys and shared moments add to the journey of pursuing dreams and conquering challenges.

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and entertained in this Fireside Chat that goes beyond the black line of the swimming pool. This episode promises valuable insights and relatable anecdotes. Join us on this voyage of swim, dream, and achieve!