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We cover the topics that are of interest to you and have fun doing it. Our guests will bring you great information, hilarious stories as well as inspiration and motivation.

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Fireside Chat – Ep 1 – 

Kevin and Alaris Scott

Being small business owners in the endurance sports space and what it takes to succeed.

Fireside Chat – Ep 2 – 

Justin True

What does it take to conceive of and go after the world’s longest triathlon.

Fireside Chat – Ep 3 – 

Callie Vinson & Hector Rodriguez

Training for and chasing the dream of racing Cocodona 250.

Fireside Chat – Ep 4 – 

Camille Baptiste

What does it take to be a race director? What are your goals for the athletes in your races?

Fireside Chat – Ep 5 – 

Stevie Lyn Smith

What’s it like running a small business, being an athlete, and sports dietitian?

Fireside Chat – Ep 6 – 

Morgon Latimore

The People’s Coach reviews The Triathlete Mindset as well as celebrating Fri-Yay!

Fireside Chat – Ep 7 – 

Dr JoAnne Bullard

Understand your why, develop mental strength for endurance sports and more!

Fireside Chat – Ep 8 – 

Yvonne Spencer

How and Why do you start a national club and stay motivated during training.

Fireside Chat – Ep 9 – 

Juliana Galante & Heather Zeman

Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Postpartum Women.

Fireside Chat – Ep 10 – 

Maria Papalia-Meier – The Toeless Runner

Overcoming setbacks and staying positive to achieve your goals

Fireside Chat – Ep 11 – 

Haleigh Fisher – Trailhead Consulting DFW

Learning to manage the mental aspects of endurance sports.

Fireside Chat – Ep 12 – 

Rachel Tomajczyk

Lessons learned after transitioning to trail running, eating disorder and favorite Merrell products

Fireside Chat – Ep 13 – 

Jack Randall – Zoza Beacon

The newest safety device that will hit the market in late 2022 / early 2023.

Fireside Chat – Ep 14 – 

Brandy Ramirez – SheStrong

Why SheStrong got started and how it led to the creation of the Monarch Triathlon SuperHalf™

Fireside Chat – Ep 15 – 

Angela Klick – She Tris Sprint Triathlon

Why She Tris Sprint Triathlon was started and what it means to the community.

Fireside Chat – Ep 16 – 

Sachin Latti – Run To Remember 2022

We discuss mental health, his journey as an endurance athlete, and Honour House


Fireside Chat – Ep 17 – 

Keith Hughes – Boise Running

Boise Running hosts Idaho Running Day, SHE Powers, SHE Shells and Turkey Day 5k. Insight on these races.

Fireside Chat – Ep 18 – 

John Duquette – Blueseventy

bluseventy is #AllForTheSwim and plans on staying there. Why?

Fireside Chat – Ep 19 – 

Jackie Hendrickson, RD

We discuss nutrition during taper, seasonal eating, athlete-food relationship and more.


Fireside Chat – Ep 20 – 

Lauren Beihoffer, M.S.

We chat about #fitafter40, mental toughness, saying ‘YES’ to life and adventures & more.

Fireside Chat – Ep 22 – 

Emily Haag

We discuss Emily’s cross-country run, underwater marathon attempt and her motivation.

Fireside Chat – Ep 23 – 

Eric Opdyke

We chat with Eric about brining the barriers to entry down as well as his stint with Rev3.

Fireside Chat – Ep 24 – 

Maria Simone

We chat with Maria about coaching athletes today as well as the physical vs mental side of sport.

Fireside Chat – Ep 26 – 

Rach McBride / Sandi Nypaver

We chat with Rach and Sandi about inclusion on the world of endurance sports and more.

Fireside Chat – Ep 27 – 

Race Chingona Productions

We chat with Mechella and Erica about their event, what is a Chingona and the future.

Fireside Chat – Ep 28 – 

Pacer Physical Therapy – Dr Juliana Galante

We chat with Dr Juliana Galante about empowering pregnant athletes.

Fireside Chat – Ep 29 – 

Fund Her Tri – Lynn Mattix

We chat with Lynn Mattix about Fund Her Tri and her goals for the organization.

Fireside Chat – Ep 30 – 

Patti Flynn

We chat with Patti about when she knew she was a female and how companies/events can support Trans people.

Fireside Chat – Ep 31 – 

 Kim Krapcha – RD, CF-L1, CLT

Kim taks to us about being an athlete, a dietitian, a small business owner and a race director.

Fireside Chat – Ep 32 – 

Dalip Shekawat

We chat with Dalip about his expeditions and upcoming South Pole / Mt Vinson fund raising.

Fireside Chat – Ep 33 – 

Krista Haskell

We discuss how Krista teaches athletes science backed proven strategies to optimize mindset in sport and life.

Fireside Chat – Ep 34 – 

Isabella “IzzyB” Janovick

Izzy chats with us about Coldwater 100, Moab 240, UltraBuds and pineapple on pizza.

Fireside Chat – Ep 35 – 

Jacky Hunt-Broersma

Jacky chats with us about ultra-running, her cancer diagnosis and reaction to amputation.

Fireside Chat – Ep 36 – 

Brandon Hozack

Brandon discusses how he deals with AS as well as alcholism.

Fireside Chat – Ep 37 – 

Dr JoAnne Bullard

We discuss getting away from sport to recharge and eliminating self-defeating words such as ‘Just’ from your vocabulary 

Fireside Chat – Ep 38 – 

Shelly Vandevens

Shelly discusses her two year journey to overcoming an injury and running again.

Fireside Chat – Ep 39 – 

Raul Cardenas

Raul discusses how a lightning fire that destroyed his house led to starting QO Nutrition.

Fireside Chat – Ep 40 – 

Makinsie Davis

Makinsie discusses her DFL at Bigfoot 200, her DNF at IMWC St George and important life mantras.

Fireside Chat – Ep 41 – 

Jo Butler

Jo chats about how she helps female runners to eat enough to balance their hormones so they can pursue motherhood and PRs without eliminating exercise.

Fireside Chat – Ep 42 – 

Reid Burrows

Reid discusses his advocacy for mental health as well as his love for coffee and the benefits of training camps.

Fireside Chat – Ep 43 – 

Carla Marie Simon

Carla discusses her intellectual disability, autism, and how it helps/hurts her during endurance events plus her thoughts on inclusion for those with ID.

Fireside Chat – Ep 44 – 

Adina O’Neill

Former teacher turned marathon swimmer and triathlete, gives us a glimpse into the inspiring journey that led her to become a successful endurance athlete.

Fireside Chat – Ep 45 – 

Cheryl Miller

International Attorney, Hoka and Lululemon Ambassador and XC / Track Coach Cheryl Miller discusses her perseverance, diligence, and an unwavering chase for her aspirations.

Fireside Chat – Ep 46 – 

Stephen Brown

Want to be inspired? Watch our chat with Stephen who was diagnosed with CLL in 2006. In 2019, his wife suffered a life altering stroke. Despite that he looks forward and reminds us that we can do anything we set our minds to.

Fireside Chat – Ep 47 – 

Peter Mortimer

Our discussion dives into Peter’s why for running, his favorite place to run and his 8 More Miles Coaching business….and more!

Fireside Chat – Ep 48 – 

Austin Corbett of Kahtoola

In this conversation we learn more about Kahtoola. Their vision, sustainability and philanthropy make the company unique and one to follow.

Fireside Chat – Ep 49 – 

Anthony Lee / Sho Gray

In this conversation we talk with Topo Athletic athletes Anthony Lee and Sho Gray about diversity, mental health and their advice for beginners.

Fireside Chat – Ep 50 – 

Jamil Coury – Aravaipa

Our discussion with Jamil covers his days of running Hard Rock, starting Aravaipa and his insight into Cocodona 250.

Fireside Chat – Ep 51 – 

Jen Spieldenner

We discuss a wide range of topics, such as longevity in sport, mindset, transitioning from professional triathlete to tax accountant, and eating disorder.

Fireside Chat – Ep 52 – 

Shawn Eckert

Shawn is an ultra runner that has lost over 200 lbs in his journey to a healthier lifestyle. Watch this interview to be inspired.

Fireside Chat – Ep 53 – 

Dr Lauren LaPierre

We explore Lauren’s relationship with running and how it all began for her as well as how the Personalized Running Doc got started.

Fireside Chat – Ep 54 – 

Jason Hardrath

We dive into Jason’s pursuit of 100 Fastest Know Times (FKTs), triathlon picnics and his horrific car accident.

Fireside Chat – Ep 55 – 

Katie O’Dell / Hollie Sick

We sit down with first time marathoner Katie O’Dell and freelance writer Hollie Sick to discuss Katie’s journey to the Gettysburg Festival of Races marathon, which Hollie documented in a 4-part series.

Fireside Chat – Ep 56 – 

Karen Allard

SBR Sports founder Karen Allard discusses products, ambassadors, and pizza preferences in engaging Fireside Chat!

Fireside Chat – Ep 57 – 

Cody Beals

Pro Triathlete Cody Beals chats about his pro start, inclusion in the sport as well as answering the pineapple on pizza quesiton which his Mom also chimes in on!

Fireside Chat – Ep 58 – 

Des Clarke – Team RunRun

Team RunRun coach Des Clarke chats about her Cocodona triumph as well as her coaching philosophy.

Fireside Chat – Ep 59 – 

Melody and Jacob Bateman

Trail To 100 Podcasters Melody and Jacob Bateman join us to chat about their first 100 as well as the start to their podcast.

Fireside Chat – Ep 60 – 

Aum Gandhi

Co-Owner Aum Gandhi takes us on a thrilling ride from registration to finish line of the Everest Ultra Marathon.

Fireside Chat – Ep 61 – 

Travis Macy

Lessons in Perseverance & Happiness: A Mile at a Time

Fireside Chat – Ep 62 – 

Jason and Aum

In this episode, Jason and Aum discuss how Run Tri Bike got started. As well as when did Aum joined the company and what does the future hold for them?