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Steel Valley Triathlon Club

Steel Valley Triathlon Club Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight

Steel Valley Triathlon Club (SVTC) strives to bring triathletes from the Youngstown, Ohio area together for training opportunities, seminars, social activities, and support of local races.

Each year they have special events such as a Donut Run, a Memorial Day Ride, a Three Lakes Swim/Ride circuit, a “first-timer” Century Ride, and a Mill Creek Park Run/Pancake Breakfast. This year at the breakfast there was a roundtable discussion for prospective triathletes called “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Triathlons, But Were Afraid To Ask!”

In 2022, they will have club rides every week starting at different locations in each county represented to provide training, instruction, club relationship building, and patronage of local businesses. They partner with local community centers and the YMCA to coach new triathletes, provide swim lanes for club members in the winter, and co-sponsor indoor and outdoor triathlons. Members often volunteer at local events and travel/race at “destination triathlons” together for support.

They welcome all multi-sport athletes, whether they compete from sprint to Ironman distance!

How Many Members Are There? 74

How do beginners find the club?ย Beginners often find the club through word of mouth or through the club website or Facebook page. In addition to that, beginners will see members at club events that take place at local community centers and the YMCA.

Steel Valley Triathlon Club Run Tri Bike Magazine Club Spotlight
President: Greg Sines