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Sky Pilots Backyard Ultra by Jason Bahamundi

Where: Colorado
When: May 14, 2022
Race length: Other
Quick Tips:
• Pace yourself from the get go and that will allow you to go longer.
• Raise your feet between the time you finish the loop and prior to entering the starting zone.
Sky Pilots Backyard Ultra Race Report Run Tri Bike Magazine
Sky Pilots Backyard Ultra Race Report Run Tri Bike Magazine
The best thing(s) about the race:
• The Sky Pilots Backyard Ultra takes place in Ouray, Colorado which is a phenomenal setting for an event. Snow capped mountains, gorgeous weather and that small town feel were ideal.
• The race directors are excellent at putting this event on. From consistent contact with the athletes to them custom making foods for allergies and all diets. Vegan, Vegetarian options were plentiful and always available.
• The camaraderie. In a backyard ultra you are racing with the same people every hour on the hour so there is a chance to connect and commiserate with your fellow athletes. Every loop you have the chance to chat with others and learn about them and that makes the event.
What was less than ideal: Nothing. We had to run around a concrete path to start and end the loop which added to the mental game for the event but it wasn't anything that would detract me from doing the event again.
What I didn't expect: The elevation. I was not prepared for the lactic acid to make its presence known so quickly. If you are not from elevation be prepared for that to happen and know how to combat it.
Race organization: One of the best organized events I've participated in. From registration to tent assignment to caring for the athletes to the mapping of the course to the finish line awards after each was all top notch.
Fuel and aid stations: If you wanted something and asked for it ahead of time it was there for you. The usual aid station fuel at an ultra was also present and you should never lack for anything at this event.
Additional info: If you're interested in the format, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to participate. Location, RDs, participants were all 5 out of 5.
Overall grade: 5 stars