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Whisky Basin 91K by Jack Shrader

Where: Arizona
When: April 23, 2022
Race length: Ultra
Quick Tips:
• Start off slow, this course will fool you. It’s flat for an Aravaipa event.
Whisky Basin 91K by Jack Shrader
The best thing(s) about the race:
• Possibly the most underrated trails in Arizona are in Prescott where this race is held. Beautiful course, as a result of a forest fire in 2022 I ran the deviated course for the 91K and can’t wait to get back to run the full circle. Wide open views and decents with cooler temperatures make this a fast and fun course.
• Prescott is such a fun city to stay before and after the race. Fun little strip of bars and shops to explore (if you can walk after the 91K)
• This is probably a great first 100K for many runners. The largest distance to an aid is 10 miles and the rest range from 5-8 miles not to mention as I said earlier the temperatures are perfect usually for this race.
What was less than ideal: This course is pretty much 100% runnable, which isn’t less than ideal however because of that beware of taking out too fast. I crushed the first 50 miles and basically zombie walked the last 8 in 2022 because I ran too fast for too long
What I didn't expect: There are some exposed climbs late in the race and even with Temps around 70 degrees it got hot towards the end.
Race organization: Very organized, for having to deviate the course last second as a result of a forest fire. Aravaipa killed it, I enjoyed the entire course.
Fuel and aid stations: Aid stations are perfect, never too far. One 10 mile stretch on the normal course may present a challenge if you don’t fuel properly early on.
Additional info: Whisky Basin is a must one time. Love the entire course is a loop. Plan on running again
Overall grade: 5 stars