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Running Strong: Aliza LaPierre’s Journey of Resilience and Growth

Running Strong: Aliza LaPierre Run Tri Bike Magazine

Running strong is not just a physical activity; for many athletes like Aliza LaPierre, it’s a journey that goes beyond the finish line. Aliza’s story is one of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of perseverance. From her early days of running as a punishment in team sports to becoming an accomplished ultra runner, Aliza’s experiences shed light on the impact of running on both physical and mental well-being.

The Catalyst: Finding Joy in Running

Growing up playing team sports, Aliza’s introduction to running was often tied to punishment for poor play. However, she discovered a fondness for long-distance running, especially enjoying the freedom and challenge it offered. After college, with no team sports to anchor her, Aliza turned to running to stay active. This marked the beginning of her journey into the world of endurance sports. A good pair of running shoes led her to running 3 miles and the intrigue of running began to settle in.

Embracing Struggle: The Mantra of Strength

Aliza’s mantra, “Run Strong. Be Brave. Breathe.,” reflects her mindset towards challenges. Through running, she learned invaluable lessons about resilience and growth during difficult times. Aliza emphasizes that the moments of struggle are where true growth occurs, shaping not only her as an athlete but also as a person. Her journey teaches us that resilience isn’t just about bouncing back but about finding strength and wisdom in adversity.

Beyond her mantra of “Run Strong. Be Brave. Breathe.” her website has an article titled ‘Stronger In The Struggle.’ This title reflects her mindset that she had to commit to achieving a level of success that would satisfy her. There are days, or runs, that don’t match that level of success and it is in those moments that she believes she gets stronger. Aliza finds value in continuing despite the struggles because she knows that she will grow from those tough moments.


Lessons from Team Sports: Work Ethic and Camaraderie

Aliza’s background in ice hockey instilled in her crucial values like work ethic, discipline, and teamwork. These lessons seamlessly transferred to her career as an ultra runner, where she learned to navigate the individual challenges of the sport while cherishing the camaraderie and support of fellow athletes. Despite the many successes she has earned in ultra running, she has lost track of where she has ranked in races. What she hasn’t forgotten are the many moments of camaraderie that have happened during races.

Aliza said, ‘Competition in the world of running is interesting. There is an individual winner and then there’s everyone else.’ It is in those moments of competition where she has found herself battling with friends but in a way that gets the most out of each other. Running is not easy so giving and receiving support can provide those moments of inspiration and stories to share beyond the finish line.

Balancing Strategy and Mindset: The Race Within

At the start line of a race, Aliza faces the dual challenge of strategy and mindset. Her anxiety, a constant companion, is met with a focused approach to race dynamics. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, adapting her pace to terrain and leveraging strengths strategically. Aliza’s racing philosophy is to control what she can control and not put an emphasis on what others are doing.

Patience and grace are two key components to her race day. Aliza admits that she is not a strong starter which means that she is starting from behind the lead pack when the second half of the race starts. Evaluating where she is strongest on the trail in that race leads to her taking advantage and moving her way up all while focusing on herself. Trying to control another athlete is a waste of energy and will not help her achieve her goals. Staying within herself will allow her to accomplish what she set out to do on race day.

Advice for Aspiring Athletes: Embrace the Journey

For those embarking on their trail and ultra running journey, Aliza offers, “Welcome! Whatever it was that has brought you here, I am happy to have you.”

Her advice, beyond welcoming athletes to the trail is to seek proper gear, join local run groups for support and guidance, and above all, to respect and embrace the natural environment that running unfolds in. There are gifts and lessons to be learned when you enjoy what nature gives you.

Embracing Resilience and Growth on the Trail

Aliza LaPierre’s journey from a reluctant runner to a seasoned ultra athlete is an example of the power of endurance sports. Her story inspires us to embrace challenges, find strength in adversity, and cherish the camaraderie that accompanies the journey. Through Aliza LaPierre’s experiences, we learn that running strong isn’t just about crossing the finish line but about discovering our inner resilience and potential with every step.


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