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Racing for Earth: Isaac Kenyon’s Sustainable Marathon Mission

Racing for Earth Isaac Kenyon London Marathon Earth Day Run Tri Bike

As Earth Day draws near, the world is set for a marathon with a unique twist – one that carries a message as impactful as the strides of the runners themselves. In the bustling streets of the London Marathon, amidst the sea of competitive spirits and personal milestones, Isaac Kenyon will stand out not just for his running prowess but for the costume he wears: an upcycled tree costume. This isn’t just a bold fashion statement; it’s a call to action as he will be racing for Earth on April 21st.

Isaac’s journey into this eco-conscious marathon endeavor wasn’t a leap but a mindful stride forward. Reflecting on his inspiration, he shares, “Last year when I was running the London Marathon, I was actually disgusted by the amount of waste. I was like, almost buckling over water bottles, and it was just so environmentally alarming.” That moment of realization sparked a mission within him. He decided to use his platform not just for personal glory but to shed light on the elephant in the room – climate change and our responsibility in mitigating it.

Sustainable Strides in the Race of Change

Isaac’s preparation for the London Marathon isn’t merely about clocking miles and setting personal records. It’s about dismantling the notion that sustainability and performance are at odds. “I’m bringing my own cup. I’m not taking bottles or whatever. If I can refill, I’m going to do that,” Isaac mentions, highlighting the small yet significant shifts we can make in our habits to reduce environmental impact.

One might think that he will just be ‘sauntering’ through the marathon. His goal is quite the opposite. Isaac is attempting to set the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest marathon while wearing a costume. Will stopping to fill up his own cup slow him down? Maybe, but he also knows that 2 to 4 seconds is not a lot of time when considering the damage to the planet that plastic bottles are doing. It is a step of ‘sacrifice’ that he is willing to take.

The Challenge of Balancing Performance and Planet

One of the biggest hurdles in Isaac’s mission is the deeply ingrained desire for convenience in the athletic world. “People don’t want to sacrifice performance. They want to be able to have their water given to them, they want the latest high spec trainer to make them run faster” Isaac notes, touching on the resistance to change that often accompanies sustainable practices in sports. However, he challenges this narrative, questioning the true cost of convenience in the grand scheme of our planet’s health.

Isaac mentions the idea of running a 4 hour marathon versus running a 4 hour and 1 minute marathon. How in the grand scheme of things the 1 minute is not much, you’ve still accomplished a fantastic goal of running a marathon and you can help the plant be more sustainable. In his mind, that is a lot of positives for what amounts to 1 minute of sacrifice.

From Ego to Eco: Unveiling the Green Runners’ Movement

Isaac’s message goes beyond personal actions; it extends to the very fabric of the running community. He discusses the emergence of movements like Green Runners, aiming to redefine how we approach mass spectator events. “When you think about the London Marathon, the amount of people actually going there, although they are raising funds for charities, they’re also doing it for ego and want to get a fast time and the environment is usually the cost to that,” Isaac remarks, emphasizing the need to pivot this energy towards meaningful causes like environmental stewardship.


The Power of Choice: Sustainable Gear and Mindset

Isaac’s advocacy extends to the gear athletes choose. “If everyone decided to choose apparel that was made more sustainably, like my brand partner Hylo Athletics that uses recycled apparel, the environmental impact would be enormous,” he explains. This shift in consumer behavior isn’t just about reducing waste but about sending a powerful message to industries that sustainability is a priority.

Moving Towards a Greener Future: Challenges and Solutions

Isaac’s journey isn’t without its challenges. He talks about the complexities of sponsorship, technology, and consumer behavior that intersect in the quest for a greener sporting world. “The solutions are there. It’s the bureaucracy, it’s the mechanics of how we’re going to do it that hold us back,” he notes, highlighting the need for collective action and systemic change.

Isaac doesn’t profess to have all of the answers but he does ask the questions to get those listening to think. It is in those moments of conversation that solutions can be developed and worked on.

The Finish Line and Beyond: A Sustainable Legacy

As Isaac crosses the finish line of the London Marathon in his upcycled tree costume, his mission doesn’t end. It’s a catalyst for conversations, actions, and a legacy of sustainability. “I want people to think it’s fun to be sustainable,” Isaac expresses, capturing the essence of his message – that each small step towards eco-consciousness is a step towards a brighter, greener future. To help contribute to this great and ambitious cause, Isaac is raising funds through Climate Explorers CIC. This is a purpose-led mission to drive positive global environmental and societal behavior change through education and facilitating climate action.

Isaac’s Tips To Make More Sustainable and Environmentally Decisions

  1. Use your voice. We know we’re destroying the world, and we could be the last generation that can do anything about it. Speaking up is one of the most powerful things you can do especially if it’s to the right people.
  2. Volunteer any spare time to climate action. Volunteer for plastic cleanups in your community or even do them yourself. Get involved in tree planting, hedgerow laying, river quality monitoring citizen science, growing community fruit and vegetables. There are millions of climate action groups you can join all over the world.
  3. Switch to a green energy supplier – This is one of the simplest ways to significantly cut your carbon footprint.
  4. Change your pension provider where you can to a pension which invests ethically, not in fossil fuels etc. Our pensions are funding the climate crisis, but they can be part of the solution.
  5. Reduce consumption – buy less, make do with what you have and try to reuse or repair first. If you absolutely do need to buy, go for an exchange or buy second-hand. Make sure buying something new is your last option.
  6. Wherever possible do not buy plastic and this is especially for single-use plastic
  7. Buy local – if possible try to reduce air miles and buy local produce.
  8. Travel as little as possible (especially flying) – Avoid flying as much as you can and use public transport or share car journeys wherever possible. Not suggesting that you never fly again. I still do. But I try to do it as little as possible. This also means, whenever you can, choosing a more sustainable way to get from A to B – walk, cycle, car share when you can.
  9. Reduce food waste wherever possible, buy what you need, compost, buy in bulk, avoid food wrapped in plastic.
  10. Eat more plants and less meat (reduce meat intake)
Racing for Earth Isaac Kenyon London Marathon Earth Day Run Tri Bike
Racing for Earth Isaac Kenyon London Marathon Earth Day Run Tri Bike

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