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Pursuing The Marathon Finish Line: Devin Turner’s Life Lessons Learned

Pursuing The Marathon Finish Line Devin Turner Run Tri Bike
Devin Turner
Year started: 2012
Favorite gear:
  • Nathan Pinnacle 12L Hydration Race Vest
  • Altra Via Olympus 2
  • Hoka Speedgoats
  • Hoka Rocket X 2
  • Rnnr “fast enough” hat
  • Garmin Venu3
  • Mace pepper spray.

Devin Turner’s journey into the sport of running began with a spontaneous decision—a bold leap into the unknown. Reflecting on her early days, Devin reminisces about her competitive spirit during her school years, where even running as a punishment in other sports ignited her passion. “I always got so excited when they made us run. I had no chill, I went out there and ran like it was the Olympics,” she shared. How does this thought process turn into the desire to pursue the marathon finish line?

Her running journey was on hold during college until 2012, when she made a spontaneous decision to undertake a daunting endeavor. Spurred by sibling rivalry from her younger non-runner sister planning to run the 26.2, she recalls: “I am not going to let her be the first one in the family to run a marathon.” Despite not having run in years, she signed up for one a mere 6 weeks away. Her first marathon, though not finished after a 19 mile drop out to make a mad dash to work, marked the beginning of an unwavering determination to complete the distance. The massive blister covering the entire arch of her foot (with its latter-formed baby brother perched atop), and dehydration/overheating due to lack of any aid stations after the first few miles for runners unable to make the cut off, only augmented the experience.

Overcoming Adversity: Finding Solace in Running

Life threw unexpected challenges Devin’s way—pregnancies, injuries, and setbacks. The injuries were not a twisted ankle or a hamstring strain. Devin suffered from 4+ herniated discs but her positive mindset kept her going. The injury left her stuck in bed for most of the next year and a half, and has plagued her for almost 5 years. “I was stuck in bed for three days straight, unable to get up even to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t even roll onto my side for the first 24 hours. it’s pretty terrifying when that happens,” she reflects on one of her lowest points during a flare up. Despite the setbacks, running became her sanctuary. “There’s nothing like losing the ability to walk that makes you appreciate being able to run,” Devin shares, highlighting the transformative power of running, both physically and mentally. She’s aware of the impossible nature of running with multiple herniated discs. “I can’t explain how, but running doesn’t make it worse. It has been the gateway back to regaining function multiple times now”.

Running became more than just a physical activity; it became her comfort amidst pain and uncertainty. Despite setbacks, Devin persisted, drawing strength from her newfound love of running and underlying feeling that this is what she’s meant to do.

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Relentless Pursuit: A Lesson in Persistence

As a mother of six, Devin juggles her passion for running with her responsibilities. “There are seasons in life, but now we’re just in a season where I have more time than when we had 3 kids in diapers”. Due to homeschooling their children and having a husband who works from home, Devin finds time to pursue her goals. “Having a supportive spouse means everything…I would not be able to do this otherwise,” she acknowledges.

Balancing running with motherhood and work is about prioritizing passion. “I make time, I don’t technically have it. You have to decide what your priorities are and how your dreams align with the season you’re in, but your dreams aren’t over after having kids. Not by a long shot”. Her dedication is an example to others to pursue their dreams despite life’s demands.

Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Every Stride

Devin’s marathon journey isn’t just about personal achievements; it’s about inspiring others through relatability. “I think there are a lot of people out there that can relate to feeling isolated because of weight gain, injuries, and feeling like they’ve missed their chance,” she observes. Through her journey, Devin aims to shatter misconceptions and inspire others to dream big. “Don’t limit yourself…try your hardest, do your best, and see what happens,” she urges, emphasizing the importance of perseverance.

On the surface some may see her marathon time of 10h30m and think that she isn’t a runner but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Devin is an example of what running is; the ability to endure. Whether running a marathon in two hours or ten, Devin celebrates the journey, not just the finish line. “Running for several hours is taxing, there’s no way around that,” she emphasizes. Devin’s story shatters stereotypes, celebrating the resilience found in every stride.

The Power of Sharing: Inspiring Others

Sharing her story isn’t just about her story; it’s about empowering others. Through coaching and her marathon journey documentary, she amplifies the message of resilience. Devin’s narrative resonates with individuals seeking to pursue the marathon finish line, or who need to overcome the imposed or even self-imposed limitations that have held them back from their own greatness.

Key Takeaways: Navigating the Running Journey

Devin’s journey offers invaluable insights for aspiring athletes:

  • Start Slow: Avoid overdoing it, especially when beginning your running journey. Patience is key to long-term success.

  • Prioritize Recovery: Focus on adequate sleep and nutrition, particularly protein intake, to optimize performance and prevent injuries.

  • Embrace Every Stride: Don’t let societal norms dictate your journey. Accomplishments are relative and none of us start at the same level.

Running Beyond Limits

Devin Turner’s running story is also a life story. It’s not just about crossing finish lines; it’s about conquering obstacles, defying odds, and inspiring others along the way. In the world of running, every stride is moving us forward, regardless of how slow or small that progress is. As she continues to chase her goals, Devin’s message rings loud and clear—running is for everybody, and every step counts in the journey of life.

By sharing her story, Devin Turner invites us to lace up our shoes, hit the pavement, and pursue the marathon finish line or whatever finish line you desire. In running, as in life, the journey is as significant as the destination.