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Overcoming Obstacles: Garrett Fredrick’s Journey Into Ultra Running

Overcoming Obstacles in Ultra Running: Garrett Fredrick's Journey Into Ultra Running Run Tri Bike
Garrett Fredrick
Year started: 2018
Next race: October 25-26 / No Business 100 / Jamestown, TN
Favorite gear:
  • Socks – Swiftwick
  • Shorts – Path Projects
  • Shirts – Rabbit
  • Shoes – Hoka (Clifton for road, Mafate for trail)
  • Packs – Salomon

Photo Credit: Misty Herron

In ultra running, stories of triumph over adversity are not uncommon. Athletes like Garrett Fredrick show us why overcoming obstacles in ultra running and pushing past limits helps us in sport and life. Garrett’s journey into running and ultra-endurance sports is an example of continuing to show up even in the face of adversity. His experiences show us why athletes start and continue in these demanding sports, despite the difficulties they may encounter along the way.

The Start of a Journey

Garrett Fredrick’s entry into the world of endurance sports was unconventional. A former soccer player, Fredrick initially despised running, feeling overshadowed by faster teammates. However, life’s circumstances led him to reconsider. In 2018, with a soon to be born child and rising gym costs, he turned to running. He figured this would be a cost-effective and accessible fitness option. What began as an easy choice soon turned into a passion that became part of his everyday life.

Reflecting on his early days, Garrett recalls the initial struggles of running just a few miles. Those few miles turned into the gradual realization that his body could achieve more than he thought possible. His story resonates with many beginners in endurance sports. The simple act of taking that first step towards a transformative journey can be hard but it is worth taking.

Embracing Challenges and Progression

As Garrett got more involved in running, he encountered various challenges and milestones that shaped his evolution as an athlete. From neighborhood runs to trail marathons and beyond, each race and training session contributed to his growth and determination. Notably, his venture into ultra-running, including a 100k race in Arizona, showcased his willingness to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

Garrett’s progression through distances and terrains underscores the beauty of endurance sports. We are on a constant quest for self-improvement and exploration which can be found by trying new things. His story is a great example for those willing to challenge themselves and overcome obstacles along the way.


The Power of Community and Support

One of the most impactful aspects of Garrett’s journey is the role of community and support. In the ultra-running world, camaraderie and mutual aid define the experience. Fredrick recounts moments of solidarity and encouragement during races, where fellow runners and crew, his wife, became pillars of strength and motivation.

His wife’s unwavering support, particularly during challenging races, has led to his success. Garrett’s candid reflections on moments of doubt and resilience offer a poignant narrative of perseverance in the face of adversity. For example, during a tough stretch during No Business 100, Garrett faced the choice of DNF’ing because of timing out or going on for as long as he could.

In a decisive moment, Garrett’s wife took charge. She asked if there were any medical issues and when the answer came back that it wasn’t she provided the inspiration he needed. She mentioned that their young daughter was waiting for her Dad to finish. That changed his perspective and got him to the finish line. The power of community and support can lead us, like it did Garrett, to overcome the obstacles in ultra running and life.

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

Garrett’s journey is not just about races and finish lines but also about introspection and growth. His experience of timing out at mile 82 serves as a lesson in resilience and self-discovery. While the setback initially shook his confidence, Garrett found solace in journaling, reflection, and volunteer work, reigniting his passion for the sport.

As he prepares for future endeavors, he embraces the lessons learned from setbacks, recognizing that a DNF (Did Not Finish) does not define his journey but rather sets the stage for a triumphant comeback. His story is the essence of endurance sports—the relentless pursuit of excellence, the camaraderie of fellow athletes, and the unwavering spirit to overcome obstacles in ultra running and life.

Embracing Setbacks: Turning Defeat into Fuel for Future Success

Garrett Fredrick’s journey in endurance sports is about tenacity and the power of sport. Through challenges, setbacks, and moments of triumph, Garret is an example of resilience and determination that define endurance athletes. His journey inspires others to embrace difficulties, seek support from the community, and never shy away from pushing their limits. As Fredrick continues his pursuit of new challenges, his story is one of hope and perseverance for athletes embarking on their own endurance journeys.