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On Cloudmonster: A Runner’s Review

On Cloudmonster: Runner's Review Jason Bahamundi Run Tri Bike

On Cloudmonster: A Runner’s Review

Have you ever felt the exhilarating thrill of a perfect run? The kind where your shoes seem to sync with your stride, making you feel almost invincible? That’s the kind of experience I had and I’ll explain that in my  On Cloudmonster runner’s review.

Searching for a New Pair: Saying Goodbye to Hoka Clifton 9s

The journey began when I realized that my faithful Hoka Clifton 9s have seen better days. Among the array of options, the On Cloudmonster stood prominent. Its snug fit and roomy toe box won me over, leaving the other contenders in the dust.

The First Test: Ample Support and Cushioning

The first few runs were a test, and the Cloudmonster passed with flying colors. Offering ample support and cushioning, my knees, calves, and hips didn’t ache whether it was a short or long run. The shoe felt responsive, adapting to my heavy and light leg days alike, suggesting a promising life with mileage of over 300 miles.

A comparison with the Clifton 9s is inevitable, given their longstanding service. While the Cloudmonster feels slightly heavier and stiffer, the contrast isn’t stark enough to be a deal-breaker.

The Price Tag: A Point of Contention

However, the price tag is a point of contention. At $170, the Cloudmonster is at the higher end of the spectrum. While its versatility as a daily trainer and a speed shoe does provide some value, the price might deter potential buyers.



Who Would Benefit the Most: Versatile and Stable for Maximum Cushioning

So, who would benefit the most from these shoes? Any runner seeking a versatile and stable shoe that provides maximum cushioning. Be it for a marathon or a 5k, the Cloudmonster can handle it all.

That said, I do think the shoe could do with a more plush feel to its cushioning. The support is there, but it’s not immediately apparent due to the lack of plushness. Potential buyers might overlook this quality, not realizing what they’re missing out on.

Recommendation: Yes with a Caveat

So, would I recommend the On Cloudmonster to other runners? The answer is a simple yes, but with a caveat. It’s a superbly structured shoe for neutral runners, offering comfort and a highly cushioned ride. However, the steep price might make others think twice, considering there are similar options at a more affordable price.

Conclusion: Robust and Reliable, Worth Considering

In conclusion, the On Cloudmonster is a robust and reliable running shoe that delivers on its promises. It may not be perfect, but it’s certainly worth considering if you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes.

On Cloud Cloudmonster: Runner's Review Jason Bahamundi Run Tri Bike
On Cloud Cloudmonster: Runner's Review Jason Bahamundi Run Tri Bike