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Making Our Space: A Journey of Endurance and Identity

Making Our Space: Unbound + Beyond Movie Review

Unbound and Beyond: A Vision of Diversity and Inclusivity

Imagine a world where every starting line of every race is a testament to diversity and inclusivity, where every athlete, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation, is celebrated for their accomplishments. That’s the vision that drives me at Run Tri Bike, where we share the stories of athletes who overcome obstacles in the pursuit of their passion. I watched a documentary that embodies this vision. Titled ‘Making Our Space: Unbound and Beyond,’ the film follows the journey of three non-binary cyclists – Abi, KC, and Apollo – as they participate in the grueling 200-mile Unbound gravel race in Emporia, Kansas.

“We Have to Live This”: Embracing Identity Beyond Explanation

One phrase from KC Cross struck me to the core: “We have to live this.” They were referring to the constant discussions and explanations about their non-binary identity. Each expressed exhaustion when all they wanted was to ride their bikes. The goal to breathe in the open air, and feel the freedom of the road beneath them was all they wanted. This moment encapsulated the raw emotions of these athletes, their struggle for acceptance, and their fight to be recognized as humans first.

The narrative of the documentary was a microcosm of life. The Unbound race symbolizing the highs and lows, the laughter and tears, the triumphs and trials we all face. It was a powerful reminder of our shared experiences, our shared struggles, and our shared humanity.

Converging Paths: Universality of Human Experiences

What I found particularly fascinating was how the athletes, hailing from different parts of the country, shared a common experience. Apollo from Colorado, Abi from Texas, and KC from Arkansas – disparate locations, yet converging paths. The symbolism of the locations spoke to the universality of human experiences. It reinforced the fact that no matter how many miles separate us, we can still share similar lives.

Watching this documentary deepened my understanding of the challenges faced by non-binary individuals in the endurance sports world. It’s a sobering reminder that as much as we’ve progressed, there is still room – in some areas, a vast space – for improvement. Documentaries like ‘Making Our Space’ are vital to sparking conversations that can help break down these barriers.

Respecting Identity: Celebrating the Feats of Abi, KC, and Apollo

In sharing this review, my hope is that you’ll be intrigued enough to spend 30 minutes to watch the documentary. You’ll find yourself learning, empathizing, and to challenging your perceptions. Non-binary people, whether in endurance sports or outside, are human beings deserving of respect and dignity.

Let’s celebrate the remarkable feats of athletes like Abi, KC, Apollo, and in doing so, create a more inclusive, accepting world within endurance sports. After all, isn’t that what the spirit of endurance is all about?


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