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Mesa Sprint Triathlon – Phaedra Culley

Where: Arizona
When: September 23, 2023
Race length: Sprint Triathlon
Quick Tips:
• Know that there are a lot of newbies & inexperienced riders. Know race etiquette, because many don't.
• It's usually really hot by the time you are on the run, so be prepared!
Mesa Sprint Triathlon Race Report
Mesa Sprint Triathlon Race Report
The best thing(s) about the race:
• Best energy & warmup music
• Best sunrise -- it was amazing But also, best T-shirt! They are so soft and subtle!
• Best Police protection for traffic
What was less than ideal: Bike-rack procedures... It was a sold out race, And there was no system or anything to manage spacing. It was all first come first serve, and while that has worked in the past, this race has gotten too big for that resulting in racer spats over spacing. Also, they need one more water station -- the last mile has no shade & no water
What I didn't expect: To get free race belts, and to have police protection at basically every intersection
Race organization: Very well organized except the bike racks. This is a great local race, and the staff are very responsive! Registration is easy, parking & location are great! Packet pickup -- I would like to see that closer to the venue as it's about 30 miles away in another part of town.
Fuel and aid stations: There needs to be one more. I would also like to see more than just water offered.
Additional info: Food, vendors, and finish are amazing!!
Overall grade: 5 stars