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Luna Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike Magazine
Luna Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike Magazine


Husky / 21 Years Old
Favorite Post-Run Treat: Granola

Luna was a pup when my wife bought her as a Xmas present. She wasn’t a runner at first but always pulled hard on her leash for walks. My wife and I run everyday but, Luna didn’t weigh enough at the time and the vet said she needed to weigh a little more otherwise it would be too stressful for her legs and body. We took her on a small jog around Easter time and she didn’t do too well.

We signed both our dogs up for a dog friendly trail race called Tails n Trails. Luna was excited to see other dogs and when the run started she bolted out of the gate pulling me hard and she was so eager to pass other dogs and to be pack leader. After the race, Jen and I were surprised and impressed at what what she accomplished. After that day we bought a better dog leash and ran with a bungee leash attached to either one of us.

She knows when we put on our runnning shoes she’s going for a run. She sits still patiently waiting for her harness to be put on. Our friends love to see her and she plants herself right in the middle of the pack. We used to take her on long runs ranging from 12-18 miles and we would stop half way and she would get a doughnut. Now that we’ve moved to a warmer state we take her 5x instead of the 7 and give her rest. We don’t let her do long runs unless it’s cooler in the morning.

She’s a great runner, a gorgeous blue eyed dog and has a little sassy princess attitude and is very well loved.