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Gunner - Marty Lewis Best Running Buddy
Gunner - Marty Lewis Best Running Buddy


English pointer / 11 Years Old
Favorite Post-Run Treat: Watermelon

Gunner is a English pointer. I got him 11 years ago when he was six weeks, after I returned from Afghanistan for a emotional support animal. He’s truly like one of my children and always there for me.

How far does Gunner run?
Gunner runs 1.5 miles in either the mornings or evenings.
Does Gunner look for animals while on the trails?
He loves to sight see for animals but doesn’t let that slow down his pace.
Does he wait for you at the door and look at you when it’s time to run? Does he have queues for when he’s ready to run?
When it’s time to run Gunner approaches me and does a downward dog stretch but when he wants to go for a run he’ll go over to the shoe closest where his leash is and wag his tail with excitement.