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Lili Your Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike Magazine
Lili Your Best Running Buddy Run Tri Bike Magazine


Shetland / 8 Months
Favorite Post-Run Treat: Whipped Cream

Lili is an 8 months old Shetland Sheepdog, and I have had her for 6 months.  She is a very active puppy and has been unofficially running with me since I got her, in short bursts of 200-300 yards at a time.  Starting a month ago, we have been running longer and longer, we are now up to about 3 miles. She knows we are going running, when I put on my running shoes and grab the purple leash.  Once she is in the car, she is so  focused on where we are going, she barely barks at the cars going by.  Since she is a puppy, we only run on soft surfaces. The first mile is always very fast, and often she is either pulling me or barking at my heals to get me to go faster!  (Of course anytime I put sneakers on and take her for a walk she wants to run).  After her run and water, Lili’s favorite post workout treat is whipped cream.

Here we are driving to the trails. Check out that focus! Now imagine her focus nipping at my heels as I try to stay ahead of her.