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Your Best Running Buddy Mia Run Tri Bike Magazine
Your Best Running Buddy Mia Run Tri Bike Magazine


Brittany / 4
Favorite Post-Run Treat: N/A

What makes the best running buddy? They hold you accountable, help improve your ability, and a really good buddy. Sounds like Mia! Mia is a Brittany. She was found as a pregnant stray in Alabama. A rescue saved her and transported her to Wisconsin. After she had her pups, my parents brought her home.

Brittany’s are known as high-energy hunting breeds. To burn off that energy, I had her accompany me on my runs. She clearly had not been a running buddy before. She would cross in front of me so I would trip and run into her. It didn’t take long for her to figure it out and soon we were cruising around the park – ideally at her pace. She has pushed me to run some of my fastest miles. She even enjoys participating in the yearly family Turkey Trot!

When I go visit now, she greets me & begins whining. She clearly wants to make me feel bad about not taking her running enough and will usually guilt me into at least a couple miles! I can’t complain – she really is the best running buddy.