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Last Person Standing – Across The Years 2024

Where: Arizona
When: December 31, 2023
Race length: Other
Quick Tips:
• Have Fun. Talk to the other competitors and laugh.
• Have multiple water bottles so you don't have to worry/fuss too much between laps.
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Last Person Standing Across The Years Jason Bahamundi
The best thing(s) about the race:
• The format of 1.4 miles every 20 minutes versus the standard backyard ultra of 4.16 miles every hour. It added a new layer of strategy to this type of event compared to the 2 previous last person standing events I have participated in.
• The camaraderie of the participants. Since it was a 1.4 mile loop and we only had 20 minutes to complete it, you got to know the other competitors. Running in a 'bunch' added to the enjoyment of the event.
• The 12pm start. Sure in other climates a 12pm start would be awful but in AZ in December the 12pm start was great because it also meant that I didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn for the race start.
What was less than ideal: There are a few sections of the course where there is a bit of a bottleneck because of the participants in the LPS as well as participants for the other options that Aravaipa provides but this was nothing to prevent an enjoyable time out on the course.
What I didn't expect: I didn't expect the 20 minutes to feel long enough but they were. If I am going to do this event again, I wouldn't focus on finishing 'faster' to maximize time between laps but rather come in with 1-2 minutes to spare and be able to grab food/drink and keep moving.
Race organization: Extremely well organized. The Last Person Standing participants always started to the side of the Start/Finish line to stay out of the way of the other participants. LPS participants also had their own tent as well as a board with the athletes names on them so you could 'keep track' of who was in and who was out.
Fuel and aid stations: Plenty. Depending on when you finished a lap you could grab items from the aid station tent and there was plenty to choose from. There were the standards of chips, cookies, pickles but they also have various meals that could be consumed. Those meals also had vegan options.
Additional info: Do this type of format. It is different and will give you a different perspective on competing versus racing.
Overall grade: 5 stars