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Fueling Endurance Dreams: Food Fight Friday at the Aid Station

Fueling Endurance Dreams: Food Fight Friday at the Aid Station with Run Tri Bike

Welcome to the inaugural Food Fight Friday at the Aid Station, a unique series brought to you by the Everyday Athlete Podcast Network from Run Tri Bike! Join us for a lively discussion between Jason Bahamundi, the founder of Run Tri Bike, and Adam Lee, the founder of Community Trail Running. In this episode, they dive into intriguing food choices for endurance athletes to choose from, offering laughter along the way. Are these options good for fueling endurance dreams or nightmares?

The Concept

Food Fight Friday at the Aid Station puts a twist on the classic F,M,K decision-making game. The duo presents and aid station scenario they might face during a race but with a twist. Imagine arriving at an aid station and being presented with three food choices: eat it, toss it, or save it. The decisions can be surprising, reflecting the choices athletes they hope that athletes never have to make during their races.

Episode Highlights

In this episode, Jason challenges Adam with three unconventional food options: sauerkraut, baked beans, and a 2-day old baguette. The banter and laughter make for a lively discussion as Adam navigates through these choices. Join them to discover Adam’s picks and share your thoughts on how you tackle food choices during your endurance events.


Engage with the Community

Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Connect with fellow endurance athletes, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey. This video promises laughter that will keep you engaged throughout.

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