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Endurance Athletes’ Snack Challenge: Eat, Toss, or Carry?

Endurance Athletes' Snack Challenge: Eat, Toss, or Carry? Run Tri Bike

In this episode of Food Fight Friday at the Aid Station, where Adam from Community Trail Running presents an endurance athletes’ snack challenge to Jason with a game of “Eat it, Toss it, or Carry it” featuring three unique Canadian snacks. This fun episode is perfect for athletes looking to add some humor into their training regimen.

Canadian Snack Challenge: Eat, Toss, or Carry?

In the 2nd episode of Food Fight Friday, Adam turns the tables on our very own Jason, presenting him with three distinctively Canadian food options. This culinary game, reminiscent of the F, M, K game, requires Jason to decide whether he would eat, toss, or carry each snack. Here are the three choices:

Nanaimo Bar 🍫

The Nanaimo Bar is a sweet, layered treat with a custard-flavored middle, a crumbly coconut and nut base, and a decadent chocolate top. This dessert is a beloved classic in Canada and poses an intriguing challenge for athletes. While it’s tempting due to its rich flavor, the high sugar content and rich texture might not make it the best choice for sustained energy during a long race. Will Jason choose to eat, toss, or carry this delicious dessert?

Poutine with Shredded Cheese 🍟🧀

Poutine is the quintessential Canadian comfort food, combining crispy fries, cheese curds, and rich gravy. It’s hearty and satisfying, making it an excellent option for refueling after a strenuous stretch of racing. However, the practicality of carrying poutine on a run is questionable, especially since this version uses shredded cheese instead of the traditional cheese curds. The diabolical twist adds an extra layer of complexity to Jason’s decision. What will he choose?

Candied Salmon 🍣

Candied Salmon offers a savory-sweet delight packed with protein and flavor. This nutrient-rich treat seems like an excellent choice for endurance athletes looking for a quick energy boost. However, the twist in this episode is that the salmon is from landlocked Saskatchewan, which might affect its freshness and appeal. Jason must decide if this protein-packed snack is worth eating, tossing, or carrying.

The Decision

Jason’s decisions are both surprising and insightful. His choices reflect the balance that athletes must strike between taste, practicality, and nutritional value. Watching his decision-making process provides humor for athletes looking to laugh during training and racing.

Why Watch Food Fight Friday?

For endurance athletes, training and racing can be grueling, so it’s important to inject some fun into the process. This episode of Food Fight Friday offers humor, making it a must-watch for anyone gearing up for a marathon, triathlon, or any other challenging event.

Get Involved!

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  • What would you choose to eat, toss, or carry?
  • Do you have any favorite training snacks or unique fuel choices that you swear by?
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